Who is Kindra Sanchez, Dawn of Netflix’s Baby-Sitters Club?

when Season 2 Baby Sitters Club Hit Netflix (crossed fingers Later this year!), you may notice a new face. Kyndra Sanchez has taken over as Dawn Schafer on behalf of Xochitl Gomez. Sanchez was officially recast as Dawn next season due to schedule conflicts. Gomez wins the role of Miss America, Also known as Miss America, Doctor Strange of MadnessThis new casting offers an exciting opportunity for both actors!

In an interview with Seventeen, Sanchez shared that she most resembles Dawn, “We both care about the environment and have this fire in us that wants to spread our voice and make a difference.” She puts on the Lemonade Stand of the Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. He said he “spreads kindness, love and compassion” for the past five years, hosting and visiting senior centers to sing Christmas carols and play the guitar. “I’m a Pescatrian.” And I’m crazy about spirituality, “she added.” I have a lot of crystals, I like constellations, and I’m learning how to read tarot with my friends. Interesting fact, I actually play this role. It was revealed that it was fulfilling. “

May recognize Sanchez from her supporting role on Netflix Find Ohana Or appearing in her episode Queen’s GambitShe has also spoken to several projects, including: Nickelodeon’s upcoming animated series Sea santiagoSo she plays Bonnie Bones. Bonnie Bones is a tactical pirate whose goal is to make Santiago’s life miserable.

Sanchez too Talented piano player and singer, You can see yourself on her Instagram page @kyndra_sanchez.She too Posts about the environment, “Earth Day is every day;)” to Earth Day, sharing information about why the ocean is so important, Cause she believesIncludes Stop AAPI Hate fundraising to spread awareness of stopping racism, discrimination and hatred to people and communities in Asia and the Pacific Islands.Of course, her grid is full Trendy outfits, Adorable pose, And Familiar TBSC face.

It ’s sad to say goodbye to Gomez, but Baby Sitters Club, We are very excited to see the energy, positivity and fun that Sanchez definitely brings to Dawn’s role. We can’t wait to see it!

See Sanchez cast announcement

Watch the cast announce the production of Season 2

Who is Kindra Sanchez, Dawn of Netflix’s Baby-Sitters Club?

Source link Who is Kindra Sanchez, Dawn of Netflix’s Baby-Sitters Club?

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