WHO members look to prepare for a pandemic as new variants emerge

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The World Health Organization is holding long-term planned special sessions in Member States to discuss ways to intensify its global fight against pandemics such as the coronavirus.

In the wake of the diplomatic controversy, the resolution at the Special World Health Assembly was specifically stated as “Pandemic The “treaty” or “legally binding means” required by some people that may strengthen the international response, not in the event of a new pandemic.

While European Union members and others have sought wording for action towards the treaty, the United States and several other countries first consider the content of the agreement before naming such documents. I argued that I needed to. The “treaty” suggests a legally binding agreement that requires ratification and can lead to domestic political turmoil in some countries.

British Ambassador Simon Manly in Geneva tweeted a copy of the draft agreed by the consensus, required under WHO rules on such issues, and praised Chile and Australia for co-chairing. ..

“The #Omicron variant once again shows why we need a common understanding of how to prepare and respond to a pandemic, so everyone is playing with the same rules,” he writes.

The draft does not mention the word “”Treaty“But, above all, we call for the creation of an” intergovernmental negotiating body “among WHO member states to consider possible transactions to improve the prevention, preparation and response of pandemics.

Most of the three days of virtual meetings on Monday correspond to a long-term approach. UN-sponsored agreements can take months, if not years, to be signed and put into effect.

But it’s coming as many countries are struggling to deal with the emergence of new Omicron variants that triggered travel bans around the world on Friday and shook the stock market.

Omicron variants bring “high risk to very high risk” to Europe: EU Health Organization

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WHO members look to prepare for a pandemic as new variants emerge

Source link WHO members look to prepare for a pandemic as new variants emerge

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