Who plays Raleigh in Euphoria?Meet actor Mars Kelly

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Raleigh has officially abdicated Nate Jacobs as the most formidable villain in “Euphoria”. Meet a high school teacher turned into a drug dealer Of the HBO show Season 2 premiere, when Fez deals with her following the killing of Mouse. Raleigh reveals a new layer each time it appears on the screen. After being injured as an athlete, she relies on oxycontin at college and sells $ 10,000 worth of medicine. As she learned in Episode 3, she has some sort of involvement. A sex trafficking ring that threatens to tie Lou with a rope.

“If you ruin me, kidnap me and sell it to a real sick person. I always find a way to get my money back,” she said to Lou in a calm, monotonous nightmare. I will talk at. You definitely don’t want to cross her.

Raleigh exudes pure, menacing evil,Euphoria, ”The actor Martha Kelly, who plays her, usually starred in the opposite role. Kelly, a 53-year-old Californian actor, has been a stand-up comedy since the age of 25 and has appeared in “Late Night With.” Conan O’Brien, “NBC’s” Last Comic Standing “,” Late Show with Craig Ferguson “. After winning the Capital City Comedy Club’s annual contest in 2000, she was sometimes referred to as “Austin’s Weirdest Person.”

Kelly made her acting debut in 2016, her friend and fellow actor Zach Galifianakis I asked her to co-star as insurance agency Martha Brooks in the FX series “Baskets”. Since then, she has appeared in “Will & Grace,” “Corporate Animals,” and “American Gods.”She also played a tour guide “Spider-Man: Homecoming” this is”Euphoria“She does her second job Zendaya -if so Tom Holland will end up making a cameo, It will be a full-scale reunion of Spider-Man!

You may not yet know what’s hidden behind the lorry padlock door, but two things are certain. Kelly’s “Euphoria” performance deserves an Emmy. Season 2 progress..

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Who plays Raleigh in Euphoria?Meet actor Mars Kelly

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