Who will create a super league of 15 teams?

With 14 teams in Big Ten, college sports people were throwing ideas for national football conferences long before Pac-8 grew to Pac-12.

In the 1950s, Pittsburgh’s athletic director Tom Hamilton convenes an airplane conference in Southern California, UCLA, Stanford, California, and Washington in collaboration with the Army, Navy, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Pennsylvania State University, and the Air Force. I suggested that.

Today, there is constant speculation about the Power Five Conference and its 65 member schools leaving the NCAA. Despite all the chatter and threat, it is unlikely that it will happen soon. A major restructuring of Division I and rethinking how schools coordinate sports programs is probably a good idea.


But what if the most powerful program of college football tries to do what’s happening in European football, where the wealthiest and most successful club groups are in the process of forming a 15-team super league? ..

Which school will cut when decades of loyalty to the conference disappears from the Almighty Dollar window?

Chris Bevilacqua, CEO of SimpleBet, a longtime media rights consultant at university conferences and professional sports leagues, said: You too will want to see it for a long time. You will see through the lenses of the last 50 years, not through the lenses of the last 5 years. “

Bevilacqua has revealed that this kind of withdrawal is not possible in college sports. It’s also not good for games.


But it’s a fun exercise, spring practice is over nationwide, and the season is still about five months. Now let’s form a college football super league of 15 teams.


There are some obvious choices, a long history of success and a powerful program with a huge followers. Come to Alabama (1), Notre Dame (2), Ohio (3), Oklahoma (4), Southern California (5).

These schools have participated in 37 AP College Football National Championships, dating back to 1934 when voting first began. There are at least five in each, and only Miami is comparable.

Ohio in particular is a TV-rated monster. Buckeyes regularly plays some of the most watched games of the season, thanks to its huge graduate base. According to the school, there are more than 500,000 Ohio State University graduates worldwide.

Today, no college football program has won as many championships as Alabama, in the midst of the biggest dynasty in sports history.


It’s been a while since Notre Dame won the national title (1988), but schools with their own major network TV contracts are synonymous with college football around the world.

Next are Texas (6) and Michigan (7). Some fans will scream that Longhorn and Wolverine are constantly overrated, and in recent years it will be difficult to argue against them. However, Texas burnt orange and Michigan winged helmets are recognizable everywhere and are two of the four most victorious programs in college football history.

In addition, they are part of two of the sport’s best rivals, The Ohio State University Michigan and Oklahoma State University Texas.

Perhaps, with the exception of baseball, there is no sport like college football that connects with fans through tradition. Yes, something like the 15-team Super League throws it out the window, but the way to keep some of it is to keep some renowned rivals.

That’s why Auburn (8) is in the Super League and will face Alabama in the Iron Bowl.


Florida (9) and Georgia (10) are joining forces to continue to host the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party in Jacksonville each year, even though it’s no longer officially called.

There are many graduates of The Ohio State University and Michigan State University in the New York Metropolitan Area, and some enthusiastic Notre Dame fans have never set foot in South Bend, Indiana, but finding a representative in the northeast is difficult.

Pennsylvania State University (11) nods as a traditional power with strong support in major cities in the Northeast Corridor such as Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore.

In the Super League, you need to represent a state that has more NFL players per person than any other state. That is, there are three domestic titles since LSU (12) and 2003.

Clemson (13) and Oregon (14) are nouveau riche selections. The Tigers have a long history of successful football before coach Dubbo Swinney, but unlike recent championship and title game appearances.


Ducks bring the Pacific Northwest. And do you think it’s really possible to exclude the schools that are most closely associated with Nike?

The final spots will be five schools: Florida, Miami, Nebraska, Texas A & M, and UCLA.

Regional balance wins the day, UCLA (15) receives an invitation and gives the Super League three West Coast teams and six games per season in the Rose Bowl.

College football super league








Notre Dame





Southern California



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Who will create a super league of 15 teams?

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