Why are female rappers being overly sexual in hip hop?

Sometimes it’s hard to be a fan of hip hop.. I often find that women who helped create world-famous musical styles and cultures, especially black women, are treated like sexual objects aimed at providing a male gaze. Conflict.Because of this weight, it’s very difficult to accept this genre, so I’ve enjoyed it for the rest of my life when I like rappers. Doja Cat, Flo Milli, Rico Nasty, etc. bring much more to the table than it looks.

I had a lot of fun listening to hip-hop in the early 2000s, but I’ve always wondered why most of what I’ve heard revolves around look and feel. Female body.. And as I grew up, I saw Video Vixen getting much more attention than female musicians. The conversation about women’s sexuality in hip-hop precedes my experience in this genre, but the old debate can be traced back to its beginnings. Roxanne Shanté, one of the first few female hip-hop pioneers, recently recalled her experience when the rise of Video Vixen began to cast a shadow over female rappers. This is influencing today’s generation of artists. “What they did was make the girl in the video more important than the female rapper,” Chanter said. Said during the ABC News Special The Real Queen of Hip-Hop: The Woman Who Changed the Game.. “So now, the talent that female rappers now have is overshadowed by sexualizing women in hip-hop. So you have the next generation of female rappers coming out,” OK, now I’m sexy and I’m talented … so what are you going to do now? ”

“Now it’s about looks. You join the game, you rarely see it [slim] like me. “

Body image Is the focus of many new female rappers and is another tactic used to get them out of the box from this male-dominated space. Female rappers today are expected to “see” that part at any cost. Therefore, they feel that they need to compete (and outperform) their male opponents, as well as look better than the video vixen-to-Instagram model. NS “BBL look” One of the reasons these musicians are expected to adopt is that many new artists feel they have no choice but to succumb to peer pressure and change the big picture. “Now it’s about looks,” said 21-year-old rapper Lakeyah. Talking to hip-hop veteran Angie Martinez.. “You join the game, you rarely see it [slim] Lakeya also said he had heard from strangers multiple “suggestions” to consider surgically modifying the body, especially to strengthen the back. She is not the only one suffering from this pressure. Coi Leray When Baby Tate Both had the unfortunate experience of being trolled online and being embarrassed by their natural body. This is a very common trend for female rappers who do not have the appearance of a BBL, and here is the disconnect between the appearance of the female rapper and the actual appearance. I have skills. When do we overcome appearance and ultimately focus on the skills of these talented emperors?

Back in Chanter’s hip-hop era in the mid-1980s, she said, “It was all about Battle Lime and Battle Rap.” So when she entered the industry, she had to enter “with some confidence.”Other artists like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Da Brat followed in her footsteps with the same confidence and created their own rules. But today, if a female rapper’s success is based solely on impossible body criteria and not her ability to master her skills, her confidence does not seem to be that great. Still, there are differences between over-sexualization and rappers who choose to own their sexuality. On the one hand, by changing almost everything about the physical nature of female rappers, men in this space can retain power. But on the other hand, what exactly tells the industry who they are is how to regain that power.Look at the icon like Lil Kim And Trina turned over the whole idea of ​​objectification and sexuality.their Sexual heritage Controlling them, decades later, it’s a liberated artist like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, and others who did the same.Yes they may still get Backlash of filthy material It looks good, but lap fans respect them because they don’t give up. They raise their heads to overcome the backlash and understand that they are standing up for themselves, for the whole generation, and for future generations.

Seeing these women wholeheartedly themselves promotes more empowerment movements, and you can see other women gathering behind a song like this: “WAP” It has been released. Since I was in my twenties, it’s still difficult to understand how to digest hip-hop and how a woman who looks like me is represented, but what message is it to understand the nuances of this culture? Applies to help you decide what to ignore. As a woman, there is no perfect way to love hip hop when we are still working on whether this culture really loves us, but if we look at the woman who keeps the torch for us , There is at least some level of comfort as we go through this space as usual.

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Why are female rappers being overly sexual in hip hop?

Source link Why are female rappers being overly sexual in hip hop?

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