Why are new ventilators dumped in the trash at the Miami-Dade landfill?

Cutler Bay, Florida. – The reaction was strong enough against several bombs.

“All these f —— ventilators. That’s what’s happening. Brand new. Brand f —— new.”

The video is from a resident who brought trash to the South Dadeland Philharmonic last week. He was surprised to see a pallet full of brand new, wrapped medical ventilators, dumped as bulky trash between mattresses, tires and other waste.

His video shows a ventilator worth hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in a garbage pile.

The abandoned ones are usually cultivated within a day, so those ventilators are probably gone now.

“I thought it was a lot of waste,” said the resident. “That is, thousands of medical units that have just been thrown out.”

From the package, Local 10 News tracked models and manufacturers: Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Ltd. in Beijing.

The device sold for $ 26,000 last spring as US healthcare professionals scrambled to find an explosive number of COVID-19 patient ventilators, according to a post from a broker.


However, Beijing Aerospace ChangFeng Ltd ACM812A was not included in the list of 86 ventilator models approved for urgent use by the FDA.

“I can understand if they were used or damaged, but these were brand new units still in the package,” said the resident who discovered the landfill.

His video shows a truck dumping a ventilator.

Local 10 News tracked the company from trucks to Doral customs brokers. It turns out that the details of the items cleared through US Customs are not public information.

“We are a customs broker who handles customs clearance regardless of the actual importer, so we cannot provide that information without first obtaining permission from the importer,” said Sergio Lozano, VP of Alpha Brokers Corp. Stated.

The FDA states that unapproved medical devices cannot be used, so you can choose to take them out of the country or destroy them.


The latter is a much cheaper option of the two and is clearly the path we have taken here.

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Why are new ventilators dumped in the trash at the Miami-Dade landfill?

Source link Why are new ventilators dumped in the trash at the Miami-Dade landfill?

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