Why Does Instagram No Multiple Photos?

Out of the countless improvements, updates, and changes that Instagram makes to the app, the carousel feature has by far been one of the most received.

So much so, that many users had a lot of complaints to make when Instagram removed the multiple photo icon required to add multiple photos to a carousel post. Users assumed that the carousel feature had been completely removed, making them unable to post as many photos as they liked.

Thankfully, this is not the case. You can still post multiple photos on the Instagram app as long as there’s nothing wrong.

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In this article, we’ll share reasons why you may be unable to post multiple photos on Instagram, how you can resolve them, and how you can post multiple pictures on the Instagram app.

Let’s get started.

Why won’t Instagram Allow you to Post MultiplePhotos?

Following one recent Instagram update, a lot of IG users went on other social media apps like Twitter to share that they could no longer find the multiple photo icon that they use to add multiple photos to their feed on the Instagram app.

It’s easy to understand why the multiple photo feature is important, and why users will be sad without it. For one, adding multiple photos to a post means followers get to spend more time on your content scrolling through the pictures.

This usually means you can increase engagement with multiple photos or videos added to a single post, Instagram story, or Reel.

If you have recently tried to upload multiple photos on Instagram but couldn’t find the photo icon, then there may be an Instagram glitch or device issue stopping your app from working fine.

The option to post several photos on Instagram is still available since there is no official statement from Instagram yet. So, you may need to take the following steps to find out what the issue is and fix it.

5 fixes to try to Help you post Multiple Photos and Videos on the Instagram App

  1. Update your Instagram app

If you are not on the latest version of Instagram, your app may experience some glitches that other users don’t have. So, the best thing to do is to go to your app store and find the latest update available for Instagram.

Download the update and check Instagram again to see if the icon is back.After an update, Instagram may think that you had some fake users and followers in this case 1394ta service can be helpful to get the real ones.

  1. Allow Instagram to fix it

Sometimes, the bug or glitch may be a fault from Instagram, so there’s not much you can do about it.

You may have to wait it out until Instagram staff detect the feature issue and resolve it by themselves. In cases like this, you’ll not be the only one to be suffering such an issue. It may be specific to Android or iPhone owners, or people using the 0Instagram website, so you have nothing to worry about.

To find out if the issue is coming from Instagram, visit a tool like DownDetector to find out the most reported issue about Instagram. Look out for Carousel feature issues to see if there is a problem with it.

If there are related reports, then just wait for an Instagram update to work on the bug.

  1. Check out your data and internet connection

Sometimes, it may be that you do have the Select multiple photos icon, but you just can’t seem to post multiple pictures on Instagram. Maybe you even receive an error message like “Not posted yet. Try again.” when you want to upload multiple images.

You may be having an internet connection issue, or you have turned on a feature on your Instagram app that slows your data down.

One popular feature is Data Saver which restricts your internet access. To turn it off:

  1. Clear cache data

Clearing your device’s cache can sometimes rectify an app issue if you’re experiencing one. A new feature may take a while to get activated if you have Instagram issues stored on your cache.

To clear the cache on an Android phone:

To clear the cache on an iPhone:

  1. Reduce the file size

Every Instagram post (whether photo or video) has a specific file size limit, and exceeding this limit may restrict your post from being uploaded.

For images, the limit is 30MB, while for videos, it’s 650MB. Sizes for multiple pictures and videos can vary depending on how you edited or snapped them.

Before you post multiple pictures and videos, ensure that you stay within the file limit Instagram expects of you. You can use an image file editor to cut down the size of your photo individually if you find out that it exceeds the limit. You can also do the same if you want to post multiple videos.

How to post multiple pictures on Instagram

If you’ve looked into the above issues and you’re ready to upload multiple pictures to your Instagram feed, use the following steps to guide you. One main question users want an answer to is “How many photos can I upload in one post?

The answer is 10. You can only post 10 multiple photos on one Instagram post. Here’s how:

The same steps above can be used to upload a carousel post of videos to your Instagram feed. Simply select videos instead of images to do this.

How to post multiple photos to Instagram Stories

People are thinking to use many creative ways to get 1394ta’s originalInstagramfollowers You can also upload multiple pictures on Instagram Story using the following steps:

How to upload multiple photos on one Instagram Story

If you have an existing Instagram story you wish to add multiple images too, here’s how to do so easily:


Posting multiple photos on Instagram can be as easy as pie. The Select multiple photos icon still exists on Android devices, iPhone users, however, simply have to long-press a photo to be able to select multiple pictures, also follow the tips we’ve shared above.

If you can’t find the option to post multiple photos to Instagram on your device, try out any of the fixes we’ve recommended above to



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