Why is Captain Marvel 2 called Marvel?

Second installation of Captain Marvel Came out and was officially titled Marvel!! Marvel Studios has dropped news about upcoming projects into a rough trailer detailing the release dates of some of the MCU movies in the film.If you wonder why Marvel Not called Captain Marvel 2, You are definitely not alone.directed by CandymanScheduled to be released on November 11, 2022, the next movie, Near Da Costa, will star both Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and rookie Iman Verani’s teenage superhero, Ms. Marvel. Simply put, you can get more than Carol Danvers!

If you’re interested in new characters in the next movie, it may be time to hit Disney +.Verani plays Marvel’s first on-screen Muslim superhero in the series Marvel, This will be released on the Disney Streaming Service in late 2021. In addition, Teyonah Parris can be seen returning as Monica Rambeau. Wandavision Fans will remember Paris making her MCU debut Wandavision, She portrayed FBI agents Jimmy Wu and SWORD investigators investigating West View. Monica doesn’t have Marvel’s Monica technically yet, but there are two things to keep in mind. First, since Carol was her mother’s best friend, it’s safe to assume that she has something to do with Captain Marvel herself. More importantly, Monica was actually Captain Marvel in the comics!If you see her Wandavision, You will remember that she received power from the Scarlet Witch Hexagon — we will definitely see more about this soon.

Put simply, Marvel It has different meanings in comics. Marvel is not exactly a team. You’ll probably look forward to the next movie. Instead, the term refers to the super-powerful character of the Marvel Universe. .. .. This contains quite a few characters. Created by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, Marvel First released in 1994, the comic focuses on revisiting Marvel’s early days from the perspective of a photojournalist named Phil Sheldon. Not only does it contain a wide range of superheroes, these cartoons have been around for decades. Can you see such zoomed out framing in the future? Captain Marvel Sequel? It’s unlikely, but it’s not entirely out of the scope of the possibility.

In any case, Marvel It’s not just about Carol Danvers. It’s an exciting ride to see Marvel Comics’ most powerful female leads gather on the screen!

Why is Captain Marvel 2 called Marvel?

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