Why is Florida the lightning capital of the United States?

The woman and her niece are the latest people to be hit by lightning strikes in the Florida waters. In the past few weeks, a South Carolina couple has been hit by a lightning strike, before a teenager in Georgia followed the same fate elsewhere.

It’s no coincidence that these incidents happened in Florida within a few weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls Florida the “capital of lightning” in the United States, with more than 2,000 lightning-related injuries over the last 50 years.

Lightning strikes are unlikely, but more likely if you are in Florida. The state is surrounded by water and is stormy, with about 70-100 thunderstorms a year, according to the state. Florida disaster, Government website.

Ben Abo, a member of the medical team who cared for the woman and her niece, said water was the worst place to be hit by a lightning strike. “The secondary consequences of not breathing and being unconscious can be drowning,” Abo said. Newsweek.. “It’s really the worst situation to get out of the water.”

However, lightning strike injuries are not limited to Florida.Is on the rise Lightning strike Climate change may be the cause in India.

From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021, India recorded 18.5 lightning strikes, an increase of 34% from the previous year’s 13.8 million. In the latest recorded year, lighting killed 1,697 people.

NS study Although not peer-reviewed, India’s lightning rate is projected to increase by 10-25% and 15-50% by the end of this century, with climate change driving that increase.

another studySaid that warming planets are contributing to a higher rate of heavy lightning strikes.

Why is Florida the lightning capital of the United States?

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