Why the cloud continues to explode after COVID

In a study by Devo Technology81% of organizations that are cloud-native logging and security analytics companies have revealed that COVID-19 has accelerated the cloud timeline. “Among these enterprises, 200% surged 200% of organizations planning to move more than 75% of their apps / workloads to the cloud, and 86% of enterprises placed cloud options in the process of deciding new applications. Over 40% chose the cloud as their first choice. “

The reason is now well known. The public cloud eliminates many of the pandemic risks of having your own data center, hardware, network, and software. Many companies not in the cloud experienced problems during quarantine. Without physical access to the equipment, we had an outage that could not be easily fixed.

With a public cloud provider, you can get rid of these problems because everything is virtual. In addition, public cloud providers have demonstrated reliability and scalability during a pandemic. Enterprises have moved much of their work to the cloud to avoid on-premises system issues and migration to remote work due to COVID-19.

It’s well understood why companies are rushing to cloud computing, but it’s not clear why the cloud can continue to grow after the pandemic is over. Growth continues, but the reasons are changing. The reason is as follows.

Permanent shift to remote work. Some people go back to work, but as many do now, more people choose to be far away. Enterprises are experiencing increased productivity and reduced infrastructure costs, and they are now embracing the idea of ​​remote workers, which was not the case just two years ago. Other benefits include reduced carbon dioxide emissions due to the lack of commuting, the ability for employees to move to places with lower living costs, and more work-life balance options.

Given that the cloud is built specifically for remote access, remote work is best served via public cloud computing. Despite the knowledge of enterprise IT, the public cloud offers better remote access security, flexible scale-up and scale-back, and a faster path for growth and change. For all these reasons, the use of public clouds continues to grow.

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Why the cloud continues to explode after COVID

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