Why wasn’t there Ariana Grande at the 2022 Grammy Awards?

One of the best parts of the award show is to see who will be on the red carpet and the show. Fans know that some stars will always appear, but the appearance can be quite surprising, especially if they are playing. It’s even more surprising when the stars you’re expecting to appear don’t appear. A good example: Ariana Grande at the 2022 Grammy Awards. Arianators wanted to see their favorites at tonight’s ceremony, especially considering her nominations, but alas, the “thank you, next” singer shared on Instagram that she wouldn’t appear. Did.

With a collection of videos that give a glimpse behind the scenes of making “position,“Grande wrote that she would attend this show. Her song and album “Position” in order to Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album Nominations Tonight.. She lost her best pop vocal performance trophy at Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” pre-show, but was still able to win her best pop vocal album award.

In her caption, Grande writes: Great musicians and humans I love. Having each other, having the gifts we have, sharing and feeling listening .. not a matter of course, we have already won. :) Have a beautiful time. I’m celebrating you today! “

Grande didn’t share exactly why she didn’t show up at the Grammy Awards tonight while wishing everyone good luck. Some fans joked that she was too busy working on her next album To appear.Others hinted that she was skipping the show She knew she didn’t have an award..But Rodrigo can bring back many trophies Tonight, Grande will face her. Shocking upsets aren’t new, so “position” singers can still get the trophy when everything is said.

Why wasn’t there Ariana Grande at the 2022 Grammy Awards?

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