Wild police chase video: California suspect rams cruiser, steals family’s truck and hot wire van

Los Angeles – On Wednesday night, trying to escape a long and dangerous chase on the streets of Southern California, a man rammed a sheriff’s cruiser, swiped the car sideways and stole multiple cars.

At one point, the suspect was seen ditching the stolen vehicle and dashing into the family’s home in an attempt to hide. I had a fight with him in the driveway. He burst through the front gate and took off again.

In another dramatic moment, the suspect was forced into a gated driveway by a police car. It crashed into a cruiser, eventually creating enough space for him to swing around and escape again.

The incident lasted nearly an hour and a half and ended when the stolen utility truck (at least the third vehicle he drove during the chase) crashed at a gas station and smashed into the sheriff’s cruiser. Flames broke out under the truck and eventually deputies opened fire on the vehicle. They eventually got the man out by breaking the window and taking him into custody.

Everything started before 5pm

Our sister station KABC’s news chopper was overhead, and authorities tracked down a suspect who was driving at erratic speed in a black Honda Civic on an Anaheim street.

The suspect attempted to steal a pickup truck, but was unable to break into the vehicle. He returned to his sedan and continued to flee from the police.

The man then dumped the car in the parking lot of a townhome complex in the town of Fullerton.

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The suspect then jumped into a white van parked nearby and hot-wired it.

However, police officers parked a cruiser right behind the van, which immobilized the suspect.

At that time, the suspect reversed the van and rammed the cruiser repeatedly to create space. The suspect eventually fled.

KABC spoke to the van owner, who had the vehicle keys, and confirmed that the suspect started the van without needing a key.

The suspect got behind the wheel of the stolen van and hobbled down the open road, swaying other cars on the road and continuing the chase. Eventually, he reached Whittier City, where the van lost one of his rear tires.

The van was wedged between the vehicle and a parked car. Even after one vehicle was moved, the van did not move.

The suspect held the accelerator for several minutes and tried to move the van again. Sparks began to fly where the wheels had fallen, and eventually the suspect found himself stranded.

He was able to get out of the van on the passenger side, climbed out of the parked vehicle and escaped into a residential area.

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He broke into the house and got into conflict with the inhabitants inside.

The fight spilled onto the front driveway. One resident was seen being held back by a woman while trying to confront a man who had stolen her family’s utility truck.

He got into their truck, drove away, and nearly attacked the residents and some of their pets.

He drove the truck through the main gate while fleeing.

KABC confirmed that none of the residents and their pets were seriously injured.

The family says they bought this truck three weeks ago and it’s the only truck they own for their landscaping business.

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The suspect later lost the front tire of the stolen truck, but continued to drive through traffic in the Hacienda Heights area. He ran a red light and swiped multiple cars sideways while cramming traffic.

Some time later, he crashes at a gas station after the lieutenant’s car hits a truck from behind.

The truck was incapacitated and caught fire below.

While the suspect was still barricaded inside, the deputies cautiously approached from behind and used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames and create a cloud of smoke.

At one point they fired into the cab of the truck. Bullet holes were seen on the outside of the truck.

The suspect remained inside as barricades continued.

Agents then pried open the truck’s driver’s side window, pulled the suspect out, and detained him shortly after 6:10 p.m. in Industry City.

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It didn’t look like he was seriously injured. He was conscious and did not appear to be bleeding as he was escorted from the scene by his deputy.

During the incident, an agent was also seen grabbing and handcuffing another driver near a gas station, presumably to guide him to safety in a highly precarious situation.

The suspect’s identity has not yet been revealed.

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