Wildfires in Oregon form a dangerous “cloud of fire” below

Taken with a drone provided by the Bootleg Fire Incident Command, a fire cumulus cloud, also known as a fire cloud, can be seen above Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. Smoke and heat from large wildfires In southeastern Oregon, there are “clouds of fire” above the flames. This is a dangerous smoke and ash pillar that can reach up to 30,000 feet (9,144 meters) and can be seen from more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) away. Authorities have placed these clouds at the top of the list of extreme fire behaviors seen in Bootleg Fire, the largest wildfire in the United States. Credit: Bootleg Fire Incident Command via AP

Smoke and heat from a large wildfire in southeastern Oregon create a huge “cloud of fire” above the flames. It is a dangerous smoke and ash pillar that can reach up to 6 miles (10 km) in the sky and can be seen from over 100 miles (100 miles). 160 kilometers away).

Authorities put these cloud At the top of the extreme list fire The behavior they see is seen in Bootleg Fire, the largest wildfire in the United States. Inferno was about 75 square miles (194 square kilometers) larger than New York City on Friday and was raging in parts of the western United States. Withstands historic drought.

The fire was so dangerous from late Thursday to Friday that authorities pulled out the crew. This week’s meteorologists have also discovered something that can create larger, more extreme forms of fire clouds, or unique weather, including a “tornado of fire.”

Extreme fire behavior, including the formation of more fire clouds, was expected to persist on Friday and worsen on weekends.

What is a “cloud of fire”?

Flammagenitus clouds (literally translated as “fire clouds”) look like giant, dirty-colored thunderclouds on huge pillars of smoke from wildfires. Often, the top of the smoke column is flattened into an anvil shape.

Clouds form between 3 pm and 5 pm daily as the sun penetrates a layer of smoke to warm the ground below and create an updraft of hot air, according to Oregon fire authorities. In this fire, the crew sees the largest and most dangerous clouds on a section of the wilderness, mostly composed of dead trees. And it burns instantly and with a lot of heat.

According to officials, Bootleg Fire has risen nearly 6 miles (10 km) into the atmosphere for four consecutive days, “easily visible from 100 to 120 miles away” (160 to 193 km) in multiple fire clouds. Generated. ..

Cloud-building conditions were expected to worsen over the weekend.

What is the science behind these clouds?

When the air above the fire overheats, it rises in a large pillar. When the moist air rises, the smoke column is released into the atmosphere and the water condenses into droplets. That is what creates the “cloud of fire” that looks like a thunderstorm seen before a big thunderstorm.

But these clouds hold more than just water. Ash and particles from the fire are also swept away by them, giving them a dark gray ominous appearance.

Is there anything even more dangerous than the “cloud of fire”?

Okay. Once a flammagenitus cloud is formed over the fire, meteorologists begin to closely monitor its brother, the flammagenitus cloud.

Wildfires in Oregon form a dangerous

This photo, provided by the Oregon Fire Department, shows flames and smoke from a bootleg fire in southern Oregon on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. The biggest fire in the United States on Wednesday was burning in the northeastern part of southern Oregon. A wildfire that devastated the tribal community less than a year ago. Bootleg fires caused by lightning invaded the traditional territory of the Klamath tribes. The Klamath tribes still have treaty rights to hunt and fish on land, sending huge stir smoke into the sky visible for miles.Credits: John Hendricks / Oregon Fire Marshal Office via AP

NASA calls the latter a “fire-breathing cloud dragon.” Because they are so hot and big that they create their own weather.

In the worst-case scenario, a ground fire brigade could see one of the monster clouds spawn a “tornado of fire”, creating its own dry thunderstorm and creating dangerous hot air below. Particulate matter can also be sent up to 10 miles (16 km) above the surface of the Earth from the smoke column.

So far, most of the Bootleg Fire clouds have been less strong fire clouds, but on Wednesday the National Meteorological Service discovered the Pyrocumronimbus cloud formed on so-called “horrible” satellite imagery. ..

“Send positive thoughts and wishes to the firefighters …. It’s a tough time for them,” the Meteorological Department said in a tweet.

How dangerous are these clouds?

Both types of fire clouds pose a serious risk to firefighters.

Multiple flammagenitus clouds were discovered for four consecutive days, one on the south side of the fire partially collapsed on Thursday, causing dangerous winds and embers to fall on the crew.

As a result, all firefighters and soil-moving equipment were evacuated from that part of the fire department. Authorities say no injuries have been reported.

“We expect the exact same situation to occur today and worsen over the weekend,” Fire spokeswoman Holly Crake said on Friday.

Where else were these clouds formed?

Clouds caused by these types of fires are becoming more common as climate change prolongs and intensifies wildfire seasons elsewhere, including in the western United States and Australia.

A wildfire in British Columbia last month leveled the entire town and created a Pyrocumronimbus cloud.

California flames in 2020 and a few years earlier created multiple flood clouds, and a creek fire in the Fresno region created powerful flood clouds last fall.

Australia’s Bush fire siege in January 2020 also created a Pyrocumronimbus cloud that could cause a fire tornado.

California stream fire creates its own pyrocumulonimbus cloud

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Wildfires in Oregon form a dangerous “cloud of fire” below

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