Will BTS be on tour in 2022?

From Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish to Bad Bunny, many artists will be touring in 2022... Of course, I’m wondering if BTS will follow suit. In 2020, the group planned to embark on a “Map of Souls” tour, but it was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic.BTS was also unable to tour in 2021, but Septet was able to see some of their fans among them. “Dance permission” at stage concerts, Held in Los Angeles for four days in November and December. It’s New Year and I hope BTS will be able to tour the world again soon. So what is the chance of that happening? Let’s discuss.

BTS talked about the possibility of a tour at the 2021 American Music Awards. In an interview with “On The Red Carpet” on November 21, RM said: Tour is coming“The group hasn’t officially announced the tour yet, but they teased that the group could change soon at a press conference on November 28. At that time, Jin had just a recent show in LA. He said he wanted to do that.The beginning of a series of opportunities to see ARMY, ā€¯After adding the group, I was planning the next live performance in Korea.A few days later, on December 3, BTS confirmed. They have another “dance permit” at a stage concert in Seoul this March..

Since then, they haven’t added any other shows to their schedule, but BTS once again suggested plans for the tour during an interview on the red carpet of Jingle Ball on December 4th.During the event, Jojo Light asked everyone to blink the camera three times. If they were planning to embark on a world tour in 2022.. They flashed more than 3 times. This wasn’t technically a confirmation, but it wasn’t a denial. Watch the moment starting with the 4:35 mark in the video below.

Also, when BIG HIT MUSIC issued a statement on December 6, I got another hint for BTS’s future plans. Announcement of long vacation for members..In that same message, the agency clarified the reason Members “charge” During the holidays, they were preparing to release another album.The beginning of a new chapter“I don’t know exactly what this” new chapter “includes other than the new album, but fans want it to mean more concerts. Especially because it was three years ago that many people last saw BTS directly during the group’s 2019 Love Yourself: Speak. My tour.

BTS makes it clear that they want to see ARMY directly, just as they want to see it, but as the pandemic continues, we don’t know anything these days. It seems that something can happen and we have to wait until BTS officially announces the tour to start planning the concert.

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Will BTS be on tour in 2022?

Source link Will BTS be on tour in 2022?

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