Will Cardi B participate in Season 4?

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At this point, viewers may not accept the fourth season You are If Cardi B is not included.The rapper recently triggered a petition and social media campaign calling for her to appear as a guest in the next hit series. Interacting with Penn Badgley to please the InternetIncludes the current company.And now, appearing on October 25th Jimmy Kimmel LiveBadgley, who plays Joe Goldberg, unfortunately didn’t have the latest information, but appeared for every idea.

“I can’t say for sure, but in reality-I think this is true-there is a real Change.org petition,” Badgley said. (three Certainly a petition.. When asked further about whether Cardy would appear in the series, Penn said, “I can’t say because I don’t know … I don’t really know, I’m not shy. . “

So how did you get here?A few days after the third season of You are Hitting Netflix, Cardi came across Badgley’s redisplayed clip Admire her “real relationship with social media” In a previous interview. Cardy overturned the fact that Badgley even knew who he was — Cardy, hello — and a few days later, the two stars exchanged Twitter profile pictures. “This is what we and Qadi have now,” Badgley told Kimmel.

Netflix is ​​also rumoring: that Official Twitter Bio Currently, it says, “Petition for Season 4 guest performers to win Cardi B!”Cardy Tweeted a screenshot of bio He replied, “In episode 1, we will shut down at Paris Fashion Week. Looking back, you are standing.” Again, we will not accept anything less than that.

Will Cardi B participate in Season 4?

Source link Will Cardi B participate in Season 4?

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