Will Julia Fox appear in Madonna’s biography?

Everyone calms down: Madonna The biography is finally complete! Pop Icon and Music Legends have been teasing biographies for years, but haven’t made an official announcement until 2020. According to 2021 Entertainment Weekly Report, Madonna Announced on Instagram In September 2020 She completed the script for the movie with Oscar winner Diablo Cody, Known for screenwriting Junho When Jennifer’s body..The details of the movie are mostly kept secret, but the singer recently hinted at who could appear in the movie, and that’s nothing else. Uncut gem Star Julia Fox..

January 14 Madonna posted a photo of her and Fox together on her Instagram, Reading the caption, “I went to dinner with Julia to talk about my movie, and some other people appeared …” with Fox, Madonna Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown, and Fox’s new boyfriend, Kanye West..Since posting, fans have been curious about who Fox can play in the movie, and Entertainment Weekly, She is believed to play Debi Mazar, Actress, Madonna’s lifelong friend.

Known for her role in Mazar, Good fellas When Empire recordHas known Madonna since the early days of songs in the 1980s and has appeared in some of her music videos.she said Interview magazine In 2015 The two met when Mazar was working at a dance terrierI soon became friends at a popular New York City nightclub. From there, friendships sprout, and despite the busy schedule, the two maintain an intimate relationship. In an interview in 2015 Huffington Post“We are old best friends in the sense that they have been very intimate for a very long time, like 30 years before she broke the record,” said Mazar about the longevity of their friendship. Told.

For now, we know that the film is centered around Madonna’s journey to stardom, including ups and downs. In September 2020, the singer talked about the inspiration behind the film, “the struggle as an artist to survive in the world of men as a woman, and really just a journey.” In 2020 Harper’s Bazaar In an interview, Madonna also explained that the film would be incredibly personal, Shows how she has grown as an artist and person over the years.. “As an artist, musician, dancer, or human being, I want to convey the incredible journey that my life on her path in this world has led me,” she says. I did.

Additional details about the biography, such as cast members and release date, have not yet been released. But judging from Madonna’s wonderful life, this movie must surprise us.

Will Julia Fox appear in Madonna’s biography?

Source link Will Julia Fox appear in Madonna’s biography?

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