Will sweeping affect Luka Doncic’s inventory?

Luka Doncic Superstars will not be the only ones to be swept. He will just be up to date.

The Dallas Mavericks Are on the brink of exclusion when they stand on the floor in opposition Golden State Warriors On Tuesday, I’m sitting in Hall 0-3 in the final of the Western Conference.

And as always, all eyes are focused on Doncic and whether he can help his franchise avoid the disappointing expulsion.

Superstar playoff sweeps are not uncommon. in fact, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving And that Brooklyn Nets In the first round of this postseason Boston Celtics..

Michael Jordan was swept twice by the Celtics, but only in the 5-game series (not in the 7-game series).

Lebron James Magic Johnson was swept twice, Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul Jabber three times, and Shaquille O’Neal a whopping six.

So will the sweep be a big knock on Doncic?

Skip Bayless Primarily in the second round of the playoffs, he said it certainly looked bad for the Mavericks young superstars, Memphis Defeated the Golden State even without their rising superstars Ja Morant..

“I haven’t seen a competitive series between Luka and the company. Why? … The team without Ja Morant, the best player in the last three games, networked the Golden State in Round 6 very close. Did you force Game 7? “

The GS closed Memphis in six games and won six games in 14 games, while Grizzlies led in two games and remained in the fourth quarter of that game with 6:55 remaining.

But Memphis was the second seed at the Western Conference and Dallas was the sixth seed, confusing the top seeds. Phoenix Suns You can even advance to the finals in the west — and it’s largely thanks to Doncic.

Dallas’ only all-star averages 32.1 points, 9.5 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.8 steals in 13 games this postseason.

That’s why, coupled with the fact that Jordan, James, etc. all experienced a cleanup defeat. Shannon Sharpe He said losing 4 would not affect Doncic’s stock.

“The greatest of the great players was swept …. Jordan was swept early unless he won the title. Jordan didn’t lose in the final. So unless Jordan was swept. It was okay to be swept. I lost the final. What is the logic? “

Doncic has already joined several historical lists featuring the game’s most iconic names.

And if he loses on Tuesday, he joins another list — a list related to brooms.

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Will sweeping affect Luka Doncic’s inventory?

Source link Will sweeping affect Luka Doncic’s inventory?

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