Will the Mets’ top three starters Jacob DeGrom, Taijuan Walker and Marcus Stroman handle the increased workload?

In addition to the October atmosphere of the series between the # 1 Cubs and # 1 Mets this week, there are potential host pitchers: Taijuan Walker on Tuesday, Jacob DeGrom on Wednesday, and Marcus Stroman on Thursday. man.

The trio is tremendous, and among other important players, back-end starters David Peterson and Joey Lucchesi supported the Mets through this stretch, where they still lost half of their starting lineup. Has endured the whimsical contributions from.

With 34 starts, DeGrom (first major 0.56 ERA), Walker (7th, 2.07) and Straumann (15th, 2.33) combined to make 1.69 ERA. Each is well above his career standards.

Their numbers are incredible. What are the realistic expectations for the rest of the season?

“It’s realistic to expect this from these three,” pitching coach Jeremy Hefner said on Monday. “Given their mental toughness and what they can throw at any time, these are reasonable expectations.”

The looming question for Mets and all other teams is about the total pitcher’s innings and how the weapon reacts a year away from the 60-game season with a shortened pandemic.

DeGrom, who has already suffered some minor injuries, has 64 innings and is four shy about the 2020 mark. The next start walker could match the total innings for the last three seasons combined. Last year, Straumann didn’t pitch at all.

So far, that wasn’t a problem. In four months, it could be even longer if Mets played in the postseason as expected, but it could be one month.

“It’s definitely at the forefront of our hearts,” Hofner said. “Attention and constant communication about how they feel about a particular thing is the only thing we can do, because it is so unprecedented.”

Walker is probably the biggest surprise of the trio and will be added to the two-year $ 20 million deal in mid-February (with player options for the third season).

From afar, Hofner was a fan of Walker. Walker was once a big outlook for the Mariners, who had been limited by injuries and figurative growth pain throughout his major league career.

Now, in his ninth season, Walker seems to have understood it. Hofner said the change in Walker’s pitch usage (he throws less 4-seam fastballs and more sinkers) and training routines helped.

“I always felt he had some untapped potential,” Hofner said. “He looked really raw. It’s like a defensive end throwing baseball. A really big guy (6-4, £ 235).”

Hofner cited Straumann’s split change-up, his sixth pitch spring training experiment, as the reason for his important progress. Straumann entered this year with a 3.76 ERA career.

“He really understands what he wants to do,” Hofner said. “He is very confident that no one can hit him if he runs his pitch. That’s almost true.”

And then there is deGrom. He left his recent start early due to right flexor tendonitis of the elbow, but will throw a bullpen session as scheduled on Monday and start on Wednesday.

He continues to look for the third NLCy Young Award for the first time in four years.

“The superlatives are gone,” Hofner said. “He’s just a special person. You can’t compare him to others. What he does on the mound-probably never seen such a thing in our generation. I I’m just grateful. That’s what I’ve visited many times. And with Stro, Tai Juan, and others. I’m really grateful to be here. With them. I am grateful to spend my days in Japan, seeing them work, and helping them grow. “

Will the Mets’ top three starters Jacob DeGrom, Taijuan Walker and Marcus Stroman handle the increased workload?

Source link Will the Mets’ top three starters Jacob DeGrom, Taijuan Walker and Marcus Stroman handle the increased workload?

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