With federal efforts, Florida is looking forward to legalizing weeds in 2022.

Tallahassee, Florida — Will green plants turn green in Florida next year? Proponents of recreational marijuana had hope.

Melissa Villar, Executive Director of NORML Tallahassee, believed that new efforts to decriminalize drugs at the federal level would motivate the state legislature in the upcoming session. If Congress passes, Florida may tend to follow again, as in the case of hemp, she said.

“That’s what we hear many times,” Villar said. “Well, it’s banned by the federal government.” When you unschedule, the needle absolutely moves to the next song. “

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Melissa Villar talks about the potential legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes in Florida.

Senator Chuck Schumer announced a federal bill last week. He doesn’t have the right to vote yet, but he does have the support of big companies like Amazon.

“I think we’re very close,” Villar said. “I think we are at the forefront.”

Recent findings from Public Policy Polling suggest that the majority of Floridians support the legalization of recreation. Research Of the more than 500 voters in Florida in March this year, 59% approved the legalization, 31% opposed it, and 10% were uncertain.

Despite support, the Florida Parliament has resisted addressing this issue. For years, bipartisan efforts have not yet received the Commission’s hearing schedule.

State Congressman Carlos Guillermosmith, D-Winter Park, has submitted at least three Bills For the legalization of adults. He will offer a fourth in the next session.

Carlos Smith State Assemblyman

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State Congressman Carlos Smith said he would again direct the marijuana legalization bill in 2022.

“Declinalizing cannabis in the United States is a big problem,” Smith said. “It reminds us that we are heading in the right direction. It may be painfully slow, but we are heading in the right direction.”

Smith hopes to partner with Senator Jeff Brandes, R-St, again. Petersburg moves the bill in both houses. They believe that legalization will add millions of new state tax revenues and reduce the burden on Florida’s criminal justice system.

There was a setback in other respects. The grassroots effort to put this issue on the 2022 ballot ran into a problem. The Florida Supreme Court recently dismissed two of the biggest proposals for misleading language.

Biller helped with one of the petitions, learned the decision, made a better proposal, and saw it as an opportunity to retry in the future. For now, she said there is hope in Congress and the state legislature to take the next step.

“Federal explanations open the door to legalization in Florida,” she said.

With federal efforts, Florida is looking forward to legalizing weeds in 2022.

Source link With federal efforts, Florida is looking forward to legalizing weeds in 2022.

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