Woman in the house: What is Lisa hiding?

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As life gives you a new neighbor, you may find yourself involved in solving the horrifying murder mystery and accidentally making yourself a suspect. At least that’s what you say on NetflixA woman in a house across the street from a girl by the window.. The Dark Comedy Thriller is a crafted parody. Traditional Murder-Mystery GenreThe subtle hints and twists were mixed, so we could hardly catch up with what we were seeing. But at the heart of the twisted series is an elusive crime that consumes Anna’s life. The murder of her neighbor Lisa, also known as Chastity.

Who is the chastity of the “woman in the window”?

Anna first met Lisa when she crossed the street to deliver a casserole to her charming bachelor neighbor Neil. Before she arrives at the front door, she encounters a woman in a flight attendant costume and she introduces herself as Neil’s girlfriend Lisa. Anna soon becomes jealous of her relationship with Lisa and Neil, begins to look at her through the window of her house, and Lisa mutters about her seemingly perfect life as she drinks her endless red wine.

Anna’s hatred for Lisa develops into an unhealthy obsession and illusion of turning her over in a car. But shortly after meeting her Lisa, Anna looked out the window one night and saw a rift in her throat and her blood dripping into her clothes. No one believes Anna about Lisa’s murder, even though she called a police officer to warn Neil. Neil even claims that Lisa was on a plane to Seattle and she was in contact with him on suspicion of murder. Anna, frustrated and suspicious, tries to resolve her Lisa’s murder herself.

A few nights later, an intruder named Rex Bucke sneaked up on Anna and pushed her into the house. Rex explains that Lisa’s real name is chastity and they worked together for years to deceive wealthy men from their money. Neil was her next target for Lisa, and Rex worried that her chastity would keep Neil’s money for herself as he recently fell out of contact with her. Anna hesitates to believe in Rex, but a dismantled body of chastity is found in a nearby forest, and police officers conduct a thorough investigation to confirm that Rex’s story is true.

Who killed Chastity, also known as Lisa?

A secret was revealed during the finale of “The Woman in the House,” and Anna discovered that there was one murderer behind the murders of Chastity, Neil, Neil’s late wife, Meredith, and Emma’s teacher. : Emma. In a flashback sequence before trying to kill Anna, Emma revealed that Lisa refused to buy the candy bar she was selling at her school, saying, “Sugar is the worst thing you can put in your body. I told her. Furious Emma picks up a knife from the kitchen and slices her chastity throat. After witnessing Anna chastity, also known as Lisa, bleeding from her window, Emma drags her chastity body into a candy bar wagon, steals Anna’s palette knife and charges her for murder. increase.

So, no, chastity wasn’t as perfect as Anna believed, but Emma and everyone else was fooled by them into a quiet suburb.

Woman in the house: What is Lisa hiding?

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