Women plead guilty to hate crimes to hunt down children

Des Moines, Iowa (AP)

A Demoin woman pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime for deliberately driving an SUV to two children in 2019. She thought one was Mexican and the other was a member of the Islamic State group.

Nicole Pool Franklin, 43, filed two complaints in federal court in Des Moines on Wednesday for violating U.S. hate crime law for attempting to kill children in separate attacks for race. Woke up. The Des Moines Register reported on Monday that she pleaded guilty to two states of attempted murder in the same attack on December 9, 2019.

Prosecutors said Franklin deliberately jumped over the curb of Des Moines that afternoon, hitting a black 12-year-old boy and injuring one leg. At a hearing on Wednesday, Mr. Poole said the boy was of Middle Eastern descent and believed he was a member of the IS.

A few minutes later, Franklin ran down a 14-year-old Latina girl on the sidewalk and was hospitalized for two days, leaving the injured. According to police, Franklin said he hit the girl because “she is Mexican.” About an hour later, Franklin was arrested at a local gas station. There, police officers say they threw goods at the clerk, shouting racial slurs at him and other customers.

Franklin states that she has schizophrenia and has post-traumatic stress disorder. Last year, a judge determined that she was mentally incapable of withstanding the trial, but was later ordered to regain her mental capacity and face the trial.

Federal prosecutors have the potential for life imprisonment, but prosecutors have sentenced Franklin to 27 years in prison and recommended that he be sentenced to federal sentence at the same time as the state sentence. In state counts, Franklin faces up to 25 years for each attempted murder count. It wasn’t clear whether counts in other states, including hate crimes, would be withdrawn as part of her guilty conviction in state court, the register reported.

Women plead guilty to hate crimes to hunt down children

Source link Women plead guilty to hate crimes to hunt down children

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