WTO again disagrees with Covid vaccine waiver

The World Trade Organization (WTO) said Friday that member states did not agree again to suspend the intellectual property rights of the COVID-19 vaccine, reaching an agreement unless certain delegations make a “true compromise.” Some countries suspect that they cannot.

South Africa and India Intellectual property right It will be temporarily lifted for the coronavirus vaccine during the pandemic to promote production and address gaps in access between rich and poor countries.

But the idea is Fierce opposition Pharmaceutical giants and their host countries argue that patents are not a major obstacle to expanding production and warn that the move could hinder innovation.

Pressure is rising towards an agreement just weeks before the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Meeting in Geneva from November 30th to December 3rd.

The WTO Agreement (TRIPS) Council on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights met Wednesday and Thursday to attempt to advance this issue.

The WTO works on the basis of consensus. This means that all 164 Member States must agree to any transaction.

In a statement on Friday, the WTO stated that the council had not reached an agreement.

The statement said some members “flagged the risk of not achieving results unless the delegation could make a real compromise.”

“Positive and meaningful results … will not only send a strong message of global solidarity, but will also prove that the WTO is capable of responding to major global crises.” Said those members.

Dagfinn Sorli, Chairman of the TRIPS Council and WTO Ambassador to Norway, acknowledged that the agency is “not in a position to agree on concrete and positive conclusions.”

He said the council will continue to discuss with member states how to reach an agreement prior to the ministerial meeting in Geneva. Further talks are scheduled for October 26th.

As with the World Health Organization and many nonprofits, many countries support the demand for abandonment of South African and Indian coronavirus patents.

COVID vaccination rate is 30 times higher on average Rich country Than a poor country. Many developed countries are currently considering a third dose of the vaccine, but billions of people have not yet access the first dose.

WTO Prime Minister Ngozi Okonjo Iwara said the yawning rift in vaccination rates was “catastrophic to African lives and livelihoods” and “morally unacceptable.”

WTO disagrees with new Covidjab IP exemption proposal

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WTO again disagrees with Covid vaccine waiver

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