Yankees, Orioles, Paul Goldschmidt and Manny Machado highlight first half surprises in MLB

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every day MLB The team is more than half of the season. The All-Star game is just around the corner. Most sports prepare for short breaks, so it’s a good time to see the most unexpected elements of the first half of play.

St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels, and other surprises in the first half

Ben Verlander welcomes FOX Sports MLB writer Pedro Moura to chat about the first half of the season. Mora tells us 10 of the biggest surprises, including the dynamic duo of Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt, and the slow start by Spencer Torkelson.

Here are 10 of the biggest surprises of baseball to date in 2022.

1. Two stars in their thirties are in the most aggressive season of their careers on the same team.

Of course we Paul Goldschmidt When Nolan ArenadoPeople who carry in bulk Cardinal, Despite the big gap in the team’s pitching staff. It’s not surprising that Goldschmidt and Arenado were great. Each of them has been inducted into the potential Hall of Fame this year.

But how well they hit is very surprising, especially given the weak offensive environment of sports. With wRC + explaining that, Goldschmidt is 25% better and Arenado is 15% better than ever. In other words, Arenado has already surpassed the value it added last season with WAR, and Goldschmidt will do so in the coming weeks.

2. Yankees..

The pre-season forecast excluded the Yankees from the playoffs. It is already guaranteed to be essentially incorrect. Many others appreciated them, but I don’t know who they expected to be so great.

Aaron Judge Despite the pressure, the spins were ridiculously consistent and the bullpen was the best of baseball.The Yankees also landed in several lucky locations, including plucking resurrected veterans. Matt Carpenter Away from RangersWho could really use him.

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3. AL Central worked almost unexpectedly.

but also White sox I was disappointed, twins When Guardians Both have significantly exceeded expectations throughout the first half of the year. The result will be the only American League division race to hold suspense for the last two months of 2022. Handicap is difficult because they are close enough between the three.

Should I believe in this year’s results and long-term achievements? The former leads you to the twins and the latter to the White Sox. And Cleveland is there at .500, ruining things.

4.4. Manny Machado It can cause crime.

We know that Machado can hit and field with the best of them. but, Baltimore, Los Angeles When San Diego, He has never guided the candidate exactly as he has been in the Padres for the last three months. And he shouldn’t have to be much longer. Fernando Tatiss Jr... It is expected to come back around the end of the month.

While Tatis was out, Machado gave the best numbers of his career when his team needed them badly.

5.5. Juan Soto Expectations are so high that a season that is 45% better than average is widely regarded as disappointment.

That is the goodness of Soto.As of Tuesday, he had 145 wRC + in 367 at bats PeopleExactly the same stats as division rivals Pete Alonso of Mets.. In a popular imagination, Alonso is carrying his club and Soto is having a hard time.He is a kind teeth.. But he’s very good and unlucky with the ball he’s playing, so he doesn’t have to worry.

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6. The most advertised new couple is empty.

FanGraphs measures that the worst fielder in a sport to play on Tuesday is Tigers First baseman Spencer Torkelson.. That’s a surprise. Torkelson was a hit at every level he had ever played, from the age of 22 to next month. He dominated the lower levels of college and minor leagues and held himself in Triple A.

But in Major League Baseball, he was incompetent and couldn’t clear .300 with on-base percentage or slugging percentage.

Few people expect it to continue in the game. Torkelson just played his 200th professional game.But the slow start is as alarming as it is Mariners Outfielder Jarred KelenicHe has been in the minor leagues for the past few months because he had so much trouble in the majors. Royals shortstop Bobby Witt Jr... The first five weeks of his career fall into this category, but he has done great for the past two months.

7. 7. Orioles fine!

The last time the Orioles were remotely related was before the two presidential governments. Chris Davis was still good at that time. Ubaldo Jimenez and Yovani Gallardo were still in the league.

Therefore, Baltimore’s recent streak is very surprising. No one expects the team to play off from the toughest division of baseball, but this season it shows that homemade talent is ultimately here. It hasn’t been clear for quite some time.

8. The two most impressive newcomers are BravesAnd neither was the top outlook for many years.

right handed Spencer Strider23, and outfielder Michael Harris, 21 are two of the main reasons Atlanta returned from a slow start to 2022. Obviously, Harris became a real outlook about a year ago, but neither player created a top prospect list until this year.

Strider, the 2020 draft topic, has accumulated a total of absurd strikeouts. Harris is fast and powerful enough.

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9. Angels‘The attack is inadequate.

For many in sports, it’s no surprise that angels tend to miss the playoffs. This team has been built many times with too many short-term visions and too few long-term developments.

The amazing part of 2022 is that the angel’s attack is the culprit, not the pitching staff. According to wRC +, the offense is in 21st place. For most measurements, pitching staff are almost exactly average ranked. In other words, it is 14th in WAR, 15th in ERA, and 15th in FIP.

If you knew in March that the Angels pitching was average, Mike Trout .600 slugging percentage, and Shohei Ohtani If you were doing great things again, you would have expected this team to be at least in conflict. Instead, Angel is a double-digit game that is less than .500 and completely out of the AL West race.Another reason for the lack of aggressive depth Anthony Rendon Injury.

Ten. Astros‘Attack is not overlooked Carlos Correa everything.

No, really.Rookie shortstop Jeremy Peña It was about as good, Jordan Alvarez The best batter in baseball Jose Altuve I became a star again, Michael Brantley Who is he always, and Kyle Tucker Maintaining his 2021 momentum.It doesn’t matter that the age finally seemed to catch up with 38 Yuli Gurriel..

Houston is at a pace of surge over 100 wins.

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Pedro Moura is a national baseball writer for FOX Sports. He previously covered the Dodgers for three seasons athletics, and before that he covered the Angels and Dodgers for five seasons at the Orange County Register and the LA Times. Previously, his alma mater, USC, was featured on The son of a Brazilian immigrant, he grew up in the suburbs of Southern California. His first book, “How to Defeat a Broken Game,” was published this spring. Follow him on Twitter @pedromoura..

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Yankees, Orioles, Paul Goldschmidt and Manny Machado highlight first half surprises in MLB

Source link Yankees, Orioles, Paul Goldschmidt and Manny Machado highlight first half surprises in MLB

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