Yellowjackets creator analyzes Season 1

The Yellowjackets A lot was happening at the January 16th season finale. In short, in 2021 Natalie (Juliette Lewis) was kidnapped from a hotel room by four men shortly before shooting herself. Later, Lotti (Courtney Eaton) of the Forest in 1996 was found to be the Antler Queen, presumed to be the group’s cult leader, alive in 2021 and responsible for Natalie’s kidnapping. Among the other twists and turns is 2021 Misty (Christina Ricci) Killed Jessica (Laekker Shama) and discovered that Jackie (Ella Purnell) was frozen dead in the woods after the battle with Shauna (Sophie NĂ©lisse). What happens in Season 2 with all these twisted plot lines?

Yellowjackets In a recent interview, creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, and showrunner Jonathan Lisco discussed Lotti’s resurrection, Jessica’s death, and future cult plots. “Meet adult Lotti in Season 2. Buckle up!” Lyle said. Entertainment Weekly..Lotti is a terrifying character and she is also depicted as taking psychiatric medication, but showrunner Lisco said. Vulture Those “two things are not confused”. He went on to say, “What’s interesting about her taking medicine is being able to create a rational explanation of what’s happening, which is why she behaves in a particular way. It’s something about her psychiatry and makeup, and of course we’re not going to demonize it, we sympathize with it and try to unpack and understand it and you Can also say’No, No-She is, for some reason, a conduit of energy, a force of darkness greater than her. And in fact it is the victim. So we are certainly sensitive to the problem. But she felt like a great portal to explore it. “

Regarding the future of the cult, Lyle said EW, “It’s an absolute thing we’ll investigate, depending on this growing belief that has begun to emerge among the girls in the wilderness and what it means today.”

Lyle also discussed Misty’s shocking decision to kill Jessica. “All the fools of Misty-her desperate desire to be loved, her desperate desire to be seen, a thirst for connection-she is not stupid. Audience hometown: underestimating Misty Never make a mistake, “he said of Misty’s decision.

Yellowjackets Became the second streamed series in Showtime Dexter: New Blood.. It also has the highest number of viewers in Showtime’s debut series. Billions In 2016, Network announcement.. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2.

Yellowjackets creator analyzes Season 1

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