Your orthodontic dream team

Your dental treatment is even better! Gittess Orthodontics is now Premiere Orthodontics family. Dr. Randy Gittess is currently part of the main team in Central Florida at Premiere Orthodontics. Working with JasonBattle, we work together to provide the Central Florida community with the highest quality, rapid and effective orthodontic treatment.

With the same high-quality dental care and professional team that Gittess Orthodontics always had, this merger integrates the two clinics, two highly trained doctors to the patient, and more office locations. , And provides access to a larger team dedicated to delivering beautiful smiles throughout Central Florida.

Dr. Gitez believes that education is a lifelong endeavor. As a precocious and cheerful student, he skipped two grades at school and entered college at the age of 16. Later, when he was 20 at the University of Miami, he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and philosophy.

Wanting to combine his love of science with working with his hands, Gittess decided to pursue dentistry. “Dental has given me the opportunity to be scientific and creative,” says Gittess. He continued his education at Virginia Medical College and became a dental surgeon.

After Guites began his private practice in Miami, he realized that his free time was being spent more and more at a nearby orthodontic clinic. At that time, he decided to go further in dental education and pursue orthodontics. Dr. Guites attended the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia for three years and received a certificate of orthodontics.

When not spending time practicing, Gittess enjoys cycling, golfing, cooking and traveling. And now I’m spending time with her grandchildren.

“Dr. Battle and I have been colleagues for 14 years and sat together at an expert meeting to come up with ways to bring new information and technology into our practice,” says Dr. Gittess. “Our practice was so philosophically very similar when we decided to shorten our professional career time to pursue different types of adventures with our families, so we decided to take our practice. It makes sense to be together. “

Dr. Guites plans to spend more time with his family, but he plans to bring his expertise to premier orthodontics.

“Dr. Gitez has been an industry and community leader for decades,” says Dr. Battle. “From treatment and branding to after-school vans to appointments, he’s always been working on cutting-edge technology and how to implement it in patient care. I’ll keep him improving his orthodontic expertise. I admire him in the way that he is. I am excited to work with Dr. Gittess and fuse our styles. He has a wonderful 40-year history in central Florida and is at Premiere Orthodontics. I want to keep doing this for decades. “

Premiere Orthodontics’ highly trained team focuses on accelerated beauty (nearly invisible) orthodontics and works hard every day to provide friendly and quality orthodontic care to children, teens and adults. Is working on. This practice offers an option called InBrace and a new innovative technology that quickly and invisiblely corrects common orthodontic concerns through clear braces, lingual braces, metal braces and clear aligners. ..

“Our specialty is a wonderful area of ​​expertise that allows others to realize the beauty dreams they desire for themselves and their children. What the goals I share with Dr. Battle are for patients and their families. It’s about understanding what you want and getting your eyesight to function at the highest level of health, “says Dr. Gitez.

Doctor Phillips, Waterford Lakes, and now an office in Winter Springs!



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Your orthodontic dream team

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