Zendaya and Tom Holland wear matching hockey jerseys

can Zendaya When Tom holland Will it be cute?Couple adventures in New York and shows PDA from Costumes coordinated on a date night To the matching jersey in the New York Rangers hockey game. February 17, “Spider-Man: No Way Home“The co-stars participated in a Rangers-Detroit Red Wings match at Madison Square Garden. To show their support, they wore Rangers jerseys with a cute twist. ZendayaBehind the jersey is the number 96 Dutch, the Dutch jersey Zendaya In the same number, the year they were both born. In other words, this duo! The couple is Zendaya’s “Euphoria“Co-star Hunter schafer And the netherlands Brother Harry..

Zendaya and the Netherlands are famous for their relationship privately, but fans have speculated about their status since the debut of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.A couple at a rare moment Opened about their relationship In an interview with GQ November 2021. “Equal feelings [we both share] When someone really loves and cares about things at one moment, you want to be yours. .. .. .. I think loving someone is sacred and special, and it’s about interacting, experiencing, and having fun between two people who love each other, “Zendaya said. He talked about the importance of. To see pictures of their hockey date nights.

Zendaya and Tom Holland wear matching hockey jerseys

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