Zendaya faints in Rick Owens gown at UK’s “Dune” screening

When it comes to the red carpet, Zendaya doesn’t need a learning guide to understand the task. At this point, the talented actress needs to make it her side gig to kill those celebrity runways. Joking aside, Zendaya went to England on Monday to draw all the attention — what she should do!

The actress jumped out to the European side of the world to attend a special screening of the move “Dune”. If you didn’t know, Zendaya recently added the following movie to her resume.In an empire interview earlier this year, she Her role is Because the character Chani is “very, very small”. Apparently she shot her scene in just four days. Still, the star attended the London premiere in the hope of seeing “what everyone is doing”.

But why doesn’t it look stylish? According to stylist Law Roach, Zendaya wore Rick Owens and Bvlgari to pull up. Anyone familiar with the work of law knows that he will never miss Mark. But his styling with Zendaya definitely outperforms his top-notch work!

On this latest red carpet, Law and Zendaya played the movie’s science fiction theme. She wore an asymmetrical white gown. Designed by Rick Owens, the stunning dress featured a sparkling finish. The dress hugged Zendaya in the way of her bodycon, covering her arms with long sleeves. It also carried some height to it, with the upper half stopping just below her chin.

The back of the dress was a masterpiece in itself. It featured a slightly open back with a cloth flap that mostly reflected the wings of an angel. In the lower half of the dress, a small train was lightly dragging behind her.

Zendaya decorated the exterior with something that looked like diamond jewelery. Various rings covered the fingers of both hands, and a bracelet adorned her wrist. She seems to have diamond studs on her ears.

For a cohesive look, Zendaya’s hair has been swept, smoothed, low, curled, and pinned like a bun. Her makeup consisted of soft grams with pink and purple pops around her eyes.

Roommate, what do you think about how it looks?

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Zendaya faints in Rick Owens gown at UK’s “Dune” screening

Source link Zendaya faints in Rick Owens gown at UK’s “Dune” screening

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