Zendaya talks about Lou’s character journey in Euphoria

The The latest episode of “Euphoria” There was a fan full of actress praise on Twitter Zendaya And it’s full of sympathy for her character, Lou, in the show. In the new season, Lou will fight drug addiction more than ever and, as a result, struggle to be honest with the people around her. Following the episode, Zendaya once again Shared a powerful message On Instagram, “Euphoria“Opens about her character’s journey, and how home viewers who can relate to her can spread empathy to the people around them.

“I’m at this show, and this season, more specifically, [Rue] Zendaya said, “I’ve hit the bottom.” And worthy of their time, and she still has the qualities of redemption, and even if she can’t see it on her own, we still see good things in her Being. Perhaps if people can go with her, go to the end, have hope for her future, and see her make changes and steps to heal and humanize her through a drinking journey and addiction. They can extend it to real-life people. “

The actor continued: “If you can love her, you can love someone who is struggling with the same thing, and perhaps you can better understand the pain they are facing. Is the most important thing. I care deeply about her. I also care about people who care about her because many of them share stories of her addiction and drinking and many. I think that person shares her emotional disability, and I think it’s important for us to keep that love. It’s because we have a flawed character. It’s been a long-standing statement that I think it’s important, and remember that we’re not the worst. The mistakes we’ve made so far, and the reimbursement is possible. “

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Zendaya talks about Lou’s character journey in Euphoria

Source link Zendaya talks about Lou’s character journey in Euphoria

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