6 non-coffee drinks to try from Dutch Brothers

If you’ve driven anywhere recently, chances are you’ve passed Dutch Bros. (the blue drive-thru coffee shops popping up all over Utah). When I first saw the Provo location under construction in 2020, I wondered what the iconic Pacific Northwest coffee shop was up to here. It seemed

Today, the Oregon coffee chain is thriving here, with nine additional locations in Utah.So what does this coffee shop have to offer soda addiction Utans?

Does Dutch Brothers have drinks other than coffee?

Yes! Dutch Brothers’ wide selection of non-coffee beverages sets it apart from other coffee shops. There are dozens of flavors and drink styles on the menu for non-coffee drinkers.

We also have non-caffeine drinks. The menu includes smoothies, hot chocolate, and specialty lemonades.

Dutch Brothers offers decaffeinated Ceylon tea options. However, it’s important to note that decaffeinated tea still contains, unlike herbal teas. small amount Those caffeinated – decaffeinated teas typically contain 2-3 mg of caffeine. By comparison, a 12-ounce can of Diet Coke have 46 mg of caffeine.

6 Dutch Brothers Non-Coffee Drinks

1. Dutch Rebel

Dutch Rebel Drink is a blend of Rebel Energy Drink (comparable to Red Bull) and your favorite flavor. Drinks can be iced, blended, or double blended. In my opinion, the blended dutch levels are similar to 7-Eleven slurpees, but with more flavor options and caffeine benefits.

To take your Rebel to the next level, ask for a soft top. It costs an extra $0.25 and is worth every penny.

Flavors to try: Double Rain Bro, Laser Cat, Dragon Slayer.

2. Dutch Frost

Dutch Frost is Dutch Brothers interpretation of the classic milkshake. It’s more like a dessert than anything else on the menu, but there’s never a bad time to treat yourself! Blend your favorite ice cream, syrups, and sauces to create a perfectly smooth Dutch Frost. Of course whipped cream is topped.

Flavors to try: Snickerdoodle, Cotton Candy, Dutch Canyon.

3. Frozen lemonade

Dutch Brothers Lemonade is refreshing yet has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. You can order the lemonade over ice, but if you want to take your drink to the next level, order the blend. Frozen lemonade with a texture similar to Frappuccino is completed. You can also order lemonade with sugar-free syrup if you prefer.

Flavors to try: Tiger’s Blood, Strawberry Pineapple, Palm Beach.

4. Dutch soda

Similar to Italian soda, Dutch soda is sparkling soda water blended with your favorite flavor. This bubbly drink can be pure sugar-free and caffeine-free if you want something a little healthier. Add a soft top to

Flavors to try: Sweet Sunrise, Gummy Bear, Eclipse.

5. Dutch Cocoa

During winter, nothing beats hot chocolate from Dutch Bros. Dutch Brothers simply steams super-creamy chocolate milk and tops it with whipped cream. You can add your favorite flavor. My personal favorite is Double Chocolate. Chocolate sauce is added for a rich chocolate flavor.

Flavors to try: Double chocolate, white chocolate, caramel.

6. Smoothies

The Dutch Brothers Fruit Smoothie is probably the healthiest option on the menu. It’s a great way to start your day and fills you up more than any other drink. Smoothies are made with real fruit and blended to perfection. Top with whipped cream to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Flavors to try: Mango, Strawberry, Peach.

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