A 10-month-old boy has died after being left in a hot SUV in McLenny.Criminal investigation underway

jacksonville, florida – Heartbreaks after investigators say a 10-month-old girl died in Baker County after being left in a hot car.

“I can’t even imagine what happened to that poor baby. I want to sit there and suffer,” said neighbor Amanda Steiger.

It happened Wednesday afternoon on Estate Street in McClenny.

Steiger said paramedics arrived on the scene in a desperate attempt to save the child.

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“I can’t believe that a baby’s life was lost because of someone’s irresponsibility,” she said.

Steiger, who lives next door, said the adoptees ran into his home after 1 p.m. and told him police and paramedics were next door.

“A paramedic came out with a lifeless little child and put her in an ambulance and left. My baby,” Steiger said.

The details of how and why the child was left in the car are currently under investigation. It is unclear whether the child lived in the home or was with a parent who was visiting the home.

The McLennie tragedy is the 14th death of a child left in a hot car in the United States this year, according to Kids and Car Safety, an organization that advocates for the prevention of hot car deaths. It was the sixth fatal car accident in Florida this year.

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“This is very sad because in the summer, when people leave their children in the hot car and go shopping, they forget their children or enter their homes. This is completely devastating.”

Last year, there were 33 fatal car crashes across the United States, four of which occurred in Florida.

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