A black mother confronted a neighbor for throwing skates at her child.she was fatally shot through her closed door

T.The bullet that killed 35-year-old Ajke “AJ” Owens went through a neighbor’s closed door. Owens allegedly walked to the front door of an unidentified 58-year-old white woman on Friday night, slurred her children, robbed her of her iPad and threw skates at her son. I confronted her.

But the black mother of four was mortally wounded in front of her 9-year-old before she could face her neighbors. Despite first aid attempts to save Owens who was rushed to her hospital, she eventually died for doing what her mother in the same position would have done, her family said. Stated.

“What’s the kid going to do?” Owens’ mother Pamela Diaz said at a news conference Monday. okra star banner. “My daughter, the mother of her grandchildren, was shot dead along with her 9-year-old son who was standing next to her. I didn’t give it.”

No charges have yet been filed against the owner’s killer as Ocala officials determine what role Florida’s “stand firm” law played in the shooting. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Owens is having an ongoing argument with his neighbor over children walking on his property.

The suspect said there was “considerable aggression” on both sides, but it was unclear why he fired during oral arguments. Owens’ family is calling on authorities for justice and swift action as their children are shaken by the loss of their mother.

Here’s everything we know about this incident.


Owens had big plans for her four children this summer.she took them to see little mermaid The weekend before her tragic death, she was getting ready to make popsicles for neighborhood kids after her youngest son made an ambitious business plan.

“Isaac told the kids to come back tomorrow for Lily Dillies. He said he accepts cash and the cash app. Better start before my boss starts fussing over me.” I think,” she joked in her final Facebook post. director. “It’s going to be an interesting summer!”

Just four days later, Ms. Owens was murdered on her neighbor’s doorstep.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said at a news conference Monday that officers who received a trespassing call on June 2 found Owens unresponsive.

Owens received a bullet fired from inside the suspect’s home, which went through a locked door. Witnesses said she drove the wrong way and after desperately trying to call 911, she collapsed under an oak tree.

According to the incident report obtained by IndependentPolice temporarily detained the suspect while investigating the shooting. The woman, described as an “older white woman”, was put in the back seat of a police car and interrogated, but she was eventually released.

Owens was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators said in their report that they were investigating Owens’ death as a homicide, but no arrests had been made in the case.

Past Quarrels and “Potential Self-Defense”

Before the shooting happened, Owens’ children were playing in a field near the shooter’s apartment, officials said. One of the children left his iPad on the ground and was taken away by the suspect.

“A white woman had it and wouldn’t give it back to her grandson,” Diaz said. MSNBCIt noted that the suspect allegedly used “n-words,” “b-words,” and other profanity words. “As any child would do, he went home to report to his mother. [My daughter] I just knocked on the door. ”

Witnesses reported to law enforcement that the suspect allegedly threw roller skates at Owens’ children, and a mother of four knocked on the door to confront the woman. It says.

“I wish the shooter hadn’t taken action himself and called us,” Woods said Monday. “I wish Mr. Owens would have called us with the hope that he would not have been in the situation that he is here today.”

The June 2 tragedy came after a lengthy altercation between the victim and the killer. Woods said lawmakers have responded at least six times since January 2021, relating to the feud between Owens and the woman who ultimately shot her.

Owens was shot dead from behind closed doors, according to law enforcement

(Ben Crump Law)

The sheriff said Florida’s “stand firm” law precludes legal arrest unless the shooter can prove he was not in self-defence.

(Ben Crump Law)

Woods said homicide detectives and the state attorney’s office are investigating potential self-defense allegations before considering potential criminal charges.

The sheriff said Florida’s “hold your ground” law means the shooter cannot be legally arrested unless he can prove he was not in self-defense. Investigators have so far requested that the Owens children who witnessed the shooting be interviewed by a child expert, so most of the information they have vetted has come from the shooter.

Wood said the shooter told investigators there was “very aggression on both sides”. “Knocking on doors, banging on walls, threats. And at that moment Mr. Owens was shot through the door.”

A law enforcement spokesperson said. Independent On Tuesday, it said the suspect’s name has not been released at this time pending an active investigation.

“There are no plans for that conclusion,” the statement said. “Major crimes investigators continue to collect information and pursue leads in the investigation.”

“I want justice”

Anthony D. Thomas, Owens’ mother and attorney for the grieving family, said at a wake on Monday.

“As a mother, as a guardian of my children, she wanted to ask why this happened. The door never opened,” Pamela Diaz told the more than 200 people in attendance. banner. “…I want justice. Justice for her daughter.”

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who also represents the family, was not present at the wake but said in an interview. MSNBC The fact that the suspect has not been arrested is terrifying.

“It is foolish of them to try to justify the unjust murder of this mother of four who was murdered in front of her children,” Crump said. It hurts…she could have called 911 and she could have.” There are 100 other things you need to do before using your lethal force. “

Crump also said he believed the shooting was racially motivated.

“In America, you can’t send the message that it’s okay to shoot people because the doorbell rings.”

Owens was remembered by her family as a loving mother

(go fund me)

a go fund me It was established to cover funeral expenses and help the Owens children. Diaz, who used to live out of state, is in the process of moving to Ocala to become the primary caregiver for her grandchildren.

Owens is remembered as a doting mother who worked hard in restaurants and hospitality to support her children.

“It’s safe to say she loved her children unconditionally. She was a single mother and revolved around them in her life. She was a team mom on her children’s football/cheerleading team.” I did,” the fundraiser description said. “She had nothing she didn’t do for those close and dear to her. She often donated to other single mothers in a similar situation. I did.”

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/ajike-owens-black-mother-shot-dead-b2352559.html A black mother confronted a neighbor for throwing skates at her child.she was fatally shot through her closed door

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