Attack on 9-year-old bus driver filmed in Florida leads to arrest

HOMESTEAD — Disturbing video of girl assault on school bus went viralangered parents and flooded South Florida school districts with demands to hold someone accountable.

In cell phone video, students at Homestead’s Coconut Palm K-8 Academy are seen repeatedly banging their fists on the head of a 9-year-old girl in an attempt to fend him off. As he paused briefly, another boy quickly jumped in and took his place amidst the screams of his watching classmates.

Warning, Violent Content:Viral video shows two boys beating 9-year-old girl on Homestead school bus

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There doesn’t seem to be any adult intervention in the nearly 40 second video. Miami-Dade Schools released a statement this week condemning the conduct, confirming that the police department will “arrest violators and prosecute them accordingly.”

“This school district goes to great lengths to not only use social media responsibly, but to promote the values ​​of self-control and respect,” a school district spokesperson wrote. , we ask that parents reinforce these principles at home.”

Miami-Dade Fire Department officials said the incident occurred around 4:10 p.m. Wednesday at 24400 Southwest 124th Street in Homestead, a city 40 miles southwest of Miami. First responders evaluated her two injured children before releasing them to their parents.

The girl’s mother contacted South Florida television station CBS four hours before the incident to express concern that Coconut Palm K-8 Academy had a bullying problem, according to CBS News. Coconut Palm K-8 Academy administrators did not respond to a request for comment on Friday.

Hannah Phillips is a public safety and criminal justice journalist at The Palm Beach can contact her Attack on 9-year-old bus driver filmed in Florida leads to arrest

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