Baby girl ‘still attached to placenta’ abandoned in Polk County after woman heard ‘sounds coming from the woods’

Polk County, Florida – A newborn baby is recovering in a hospital after Polk County lawmakers found her abandoned outdoors about an hour after she was born early Saturday morning. She is still attached to the placenta. rice field.

The child was found in Mulberry, just east of Tampa, just over 200 miles from Jacksonville.

When the newborn was rescued, his temperature was in the low fifties. She was outside wrapped in an old blanket for about an hour, but investigators say she is in good health, aside from a few bug bites.

A woman thought she heard cats fighting in the woods, but after about an hour realized the noise was from a crying baby.

She searched the woods, found the newborn, and called 911.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that if the child died, this could have developed into a homicide investigation.

“I don’t know if the child was born in the woods or if they were taken to the woods after they were born,” said Judd. “It’s still under investigation. But sure enough, we saved this person from murder charges.

The child was fully developed but weighed only 6.5 pounds. Investigators believe she is Hispanic.

Deputies used K-9 units, drones, and Bloodhounds to try and locate the mother, but were unable to track her down. please.

safe haven law

In Florida, parents can leave their newborns in designated places without criminal is part of the state Safe Haven Law.

Children must be handed over to staff on duty and rules vary by state.

In Florida, unharmed newborns can be handed over up to 7 days of age.

All 50 states have safe haven laws. In Florida, locations include hospitals, EMS providers, or fire stations. You can also call the hotlines of state agencies. 1-877-767-2229 for more information.

The only exception in Florida is okala. It is the only city in Florida. Safe Haven Baby Box. This is a climate-controlled box that is installed at designated locations so that parents in crisis can hand over their children.

A silent alarm alerts firefighters that there is a baby in the crate 60 seconds after the newborn is placed in the crate. This box was used for the first time this month when he passed two years since it was installed.

Georgia also has safe haven laws that allow parents to drop their babies off at fire stations, police stations, or hospitals.

The baby must be handed over to a person and the parents must hand over the newborn within 30 days.

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