Back-to-school sales tax holidays start today in Florida.Here’s what you need to know

For two weeks, Florida residents can purchase back-to-school essentials tax-free, so make a list of what you need to buy in preparation for the start of the new school year.

Florida’s back-to-school sales tax holiday runs from Monday, July 24th through Sunday, August 6th. Here’s your chance to shop on eligible merchandise including essentials like backpacks, clothing, computers, flashcards, puzzles, shoes, uniforms and more.

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Depending on the item, tax can be saved up to a certain amount. The Florida Department of Revenue says there will be no tax on retail sales of the following during the two-week holiday:

The Department of Revenue has said that even if you purchase an item that would normally qualify for sales tax exemption, if the price exceeds the above limits, the item is not exempt and you will have to pay sales tax on the entire value.

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“Getting back to school can be an expensive time for Floridians, which is why I encourage Florida families to make the most of their back-to-school sales tax holidays. This tax relief will help ensure families have all the supplies their children need to maximize their academic performance this year,” said Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis.

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The Department of Revenue has stated that there is no limit to the number of items that can be purchased and exempted during the sales tax holiday, and qualifying items laid aside during the sales tax holiday are tax-free, even if the final layaway payment is made after the tax holiday has ended.

You can also save on sales tax even if you buy online instead of in a store. According to the Department of Revenue, items purchased online will be exempt if the company receives the order during the sales tax holiday, even if it is delivered after the holiday. Back-to-school sales tax holidays start today in Florida.Here’s what you need to know

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