Barrage of Russian attacks on key infrastructure

Kyiv – On Monday morning, Ukrainian officials reported a massive barrage of Russian strikes against critical infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkov and other cities.

As a result, parts of the Ukrainian capital have been cut off from power and water supplies, said Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko. Officials also reported possible power outages as a result of strikes that hit critical infrastructure in the cities of Kharkov and Zaporizhia.

A critical infrastructure object was also hit in the Cherkasy region, southeast of Kyiv, and explosions were reported in other parts of Ukraine. According to local authorities, an energy facility was attacked in the Kirovohrad region of central Ukraine. In Vinnitia, the downed missile hit a civilian building, causing damage but no casualties, said regional governor Serhiy Borzov.

In Kharkov, the metro stopped running. Ukrainian Railways reported that parts of Ukrainian Railways were also cut off.

attack comes in 2 days Russia accused Ukraine of drone attack She confronted the Russian Black Sea Fleet off the annexed Crimea. Ukraine denies the attack and says Russia mishandled its weapons, but Moscow wants to participate in a UN-brokered deal to allow the safe passage of ships carrying grain from Ukraine. announced that it would stop

Speaking about Monday’s attack, the head of the Ukrainian president’s office Andriy Yermak said that Russian forces “continue to fight against civilian targets.”

“We will persevere and generations of Russians will pay a high price for their dishonor,” Yermak said.

It is the second time this month that Russia has carried out a large-scale attack on Ukraine’s infrastructure. On October 10, a similar attack rocked the war-torn country, following an explosion at the Kerch Bridge, which links annexed Crimea to mainland Russia.

Kyiv’s mayor Klitschko said on Monday that authorities were working to restore damaged energy facilities that power Kyiv’s 350,000 apartments.

Deputy head of the president’s office Kirilo Tymoshenko said an emergency power cut was being carried out after “Russian terrorists launched another massive strike on energy installations in many parts of Ukraine”.


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