Bezos Rocket Fails During Takeoff, Only Experiments Are on Board

cape canaveral, florida – Jeff Bezos’ rocket company suffered its first failed launch on Monday. It was just a science experiment and no one was on board.

The Blue Origin rocket went off course over West Texas about a minute after takeoff. The capsule’s launch abort system was immediately activated, lifting the aircraft from above. Minutes later, the capsule parachuted onto the desert floor in a remote location.

As the capsule was launched from the rocket, Blue Origin’s launch commentary fell silent, later announcing: This was not planned. ”

The accident occurred while the rocket was flying at an altitude of approximately 28,000 feet (8,500 meters) and a speed of 1,126 kilometers (700 miles) per hour. There was no video of the rocket after the failure occurred, only the capsule. Rockets typically land upright on the desert floor and are recycled for subsequent flights. Clearly, this was not the case.


Launch commentator Erica Wagner said the capsule managed to escape successfully, and a webcast showed it reached a maximum altitude of more than 37,000 feet (11,300 meters). Thirty-six experiments were conducted, half sponsored by NASA.

“Booster failed today on drone flight. Escape system worked as designed,” the company later tweeted.

No further details were provided.

This was the 23rd flight of the New Shepard program, named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut. The same kind of rockets and capsules are used to carry paying passengers on his 10-minute ride to the edge of space. This rocket was the ninth flight.

The company’s latest passenger flight was last month. Bezos was on the first New He Shepard crew last summer. Blue Origin has transported a total of 31 people to the ends of the universe. The company is headquartered in Kent, Washington.


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