Biden Heads to Delaware for Direct Primary Vote

president Biden make a surprise visit to his home state on Tuesday to vote DelawareThe primaries are part of the final contest ahead of the November election.

Although Delaware allows mail-in ballots, presidents often return to their state to vote in person. In October 2020, Donald Trump failed to run for re-election in a major battleground state, after conducting early voting in his Palm Beach, Florida district. barack obama During the 2014 midterm elections, he did the same by campaigning for the incumbent Governor of Illinois and a Democratic Senator.

Biden regularly Wilmingtonvisits Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on weekends and vacations, but rarely during the week.

Rhode Island and New Hampshire also have primaries on Tuesday.

In Delaware, which has a strong Democratic majority, the only statewide dispute is the State Board of Audit, where incumbent Kathleen McGuinness was convicted in July of conflict of interest and other misdemeanor charges. Nonetheless, he is running for re-election. Under Delaware law, McGuinness, awaiting sentencing, was allowed to remain on the ballot.

The conviction stemmed from hiring McGuinness’ daughter into her office, and the auditor was the first statewide elected official to be criminally charged in Delaware history. became a person. She has the support of the state’s Democratic Party and is being challenged by Lydia York, an attorney who, if elected, will be the first black person to fill the role. Biden Heads to Delaware for Direct Primary Vote

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