Biden narrowly avoided political condemnation. His next two years could be a dominant dead end. 2022 US Midterm Elections

With the next two years of his presidency pending and congressional in balance, Joe Biden I picked up the phone on Tuesday night and started making a series of congratulatory calls.

Initially, the president congratulated candidates widely expected to win the election, such as Wes Moore, who was elected by overwhelming majority to become Maryland’s first black governor.But he soon came to congratulate Democrats, such as Virginia Congressman Abigail Spanberger, who was seen as a harbinger of the Republican destiny. pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman won one of the most contested Senate elections, giving the Democrats the sole benefit.

By Wednesday, control of Congress was in jeopardy, but Democrats defied the darkest predictions made by one prominent predictor. was “The craziest election night I’ve ever seen”. Votes were still being tallied across the country, but Biden seemed to have avoided the expected devastating political denouement.

On the industrial Midwest battlefield, the party repulsed the “red wave.” Republican We had victories in Florida and Ohio. Several key Senate elections, like two years ago, could determine a majority, including some in Georgia, where he appeared set for a runoff vote in December. It was too close in the important states.

In the constituency battle for the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, Democratic Party It took place in some suburbs of Virginia, Michigan and Kansas. Meanwhile, Republicans have taken a seat in Florida, and the Democratic chairman of the campaign division may concede a loss in the New York district and win a narrow majority in the House.

It was a stinging loss.Democratic star Stacey Abrams couldn’t be ousted Georgia Republican Brian Kemp in a bitter 2018 contest rematch. With strong Republican support in Texas, Democrat hopes of making Texas blue have cooled. And even more worrying about the long-term national prospects for the Republican Party is the Republican dominance in the House, after the 2020 Census, which will see districts voted to back their own candidates. It appeared to be due in no small part to aggressive partisan attempts to redraw.

Despite a more optimistic outlook than expected by Democrats, the Republican-controlled House still threatened to upend the trajectory of his presidency. I am faced with a pressing decision as to whether or not I should run for office. Biden has publicly said he intends to run despite concerns about his age and unpopularity among some Democrats, but he has officially announced his decision. I have not.

Trump may not be the only Republican Biden to worry about in 2024. Florida Governor Ron DeSantisTrump, who has long been seen as a more disciplined and conservative alternative to Trump, declared victory before the crowd chanted “two more years.”

The narrow control of the House of Representatives could fuel increasingly Trump supporters in the Republican Congress, who are calling for a number of investigations into Biden administration officials and his family.

Some threatened to impeach the president or his senior officials. And Republican leaders have already unveiled plans to use the mandatory passage appropriations bill as leverage to extract concessions from Congress, which could lead to government shutdowns and even dangerous defaults. It promises a political brink.

Biden mocked Republicans for failing to present a serious governance agenda, accusing them of jeopardizing popular programs like Social Security and Medicare. Republicans, meanwhile, accused Biden’s policies of exacerbating inflation and causing chaos on the US-Mexico border.

The Senate is currently split 50-50 with Kamala Harris as a tiebreaker vote, but the outcome may not be known until after Georgia’s runoff vote next month, but it remains within reach of Democrats on Wednesday. rice field. Biden, who holds a majority in the Democratic Senate, could confirm cabinet ministers, ambassadors and judges, including Supreme Court justices, if vacancies arise. A Republican victory could withhold or block Biden’s Attorney General nomination and federal nomination.

It was no longer possible for Democrats to win a two-seat majority in the Senate. Biden had promised to codify the law if voters elected two more senators willing to remove the filibuster. Still, it appears he needed a Democratic House of Representatives to deliver on his promises.

Speaking in Chicago last week, Biden spoke candidly about what a Republican majority means for his ability to govern.

“If we lose the House and Senate,” he told Democratic donors in Chicago, “it’s going to be two horrible years.” to have the right.”

There were also signs that the loss of federal abortion protection mobilized young people and women and empowered Democratic victories across the country. MichiganWith voters enshrining the right to abortion in the Constitution, Democrats won the ballot top and bottom and unexpectedly took control of the state legislature. Voters in California and Vermont also chose to protect abortion in their state constitutions. And in definitely red Kentucky, voters rejected an amendment that sought to deny constitutional protections against abortion.

Nancy Northup, CEO of the Reproductive Rights Center, said in a statement that the election was a “blatant denial” of the overthrow of Roe v. Wade.

“From Kentucky to Michigan to Vermont to California, Americans want abortion rights protected,” she said. Biden narrowly avoided political condemnation. His next two years could be a dominant dead end. 2022 US Midterm Elections

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