Car thief beaten after owner overtakes stolen truck

medley, florida – A man who tried to steal a huge truck got more than he bargained for when the truck’s owner was able to catch up with the thief.

The ordeal was caught on camera.

“The first call was of a violent man hijacking a truck,” said Medley Police Officer Deglys Chavarria.

In the video, two men can be seen approaching the passenger side of a blue transport truck. The suspect was already behind the wheel of the truck.

When the thieves try to drive them away in an oversized truck, two men are able to follow them, and at one point they are seen hanging by the door.

Eventually, the two men manage to get the driver out of the truck, and when he hits the ground, they start beating him.

Police later arrested the man and identified him as 24-year-old Exxon Gonzalez Caceres.

Officials said it all started around 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Medley’s Pilot Travel Center at 12200 Northwest-Southwest Driver Drive.

The owner of the blue transport truck was inside a gas station when he realized his truck had been stolen. Police say the man left the truck running in the car.

Police say González Cáceres tried to get away and crashed into another car, but as the video shows, he was unable to get far after the truck owner literally took matters into his own hands. could not.

“They could zip his hands and zip his knees,” said Chavarria.

However, the lesson from the police in this case is to be careful who you confront with and never leave valuables unlocked.

“Don’t put yourself in imminent danger, anything where your life is not in imminent danger,” said Chavarria.

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