DeSantis escalates verbal war with Trump during campaign

Tallahassee, Fla. — The governor of Florida is wrapping up his first week as a presidential candidate in the Republican primary. Governor Ron DeSantis finish His “Great American Comeback” tour took place Friday night in South Carolina.

Over the past four days, the governor has traveled to three early nominee states and visited 12 cities in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This came amid an escalating war of words with the governor’s former ally, former President Donald Trump.

After DeSantis’ kickoff campaign rally in Des Moines on Tuesday, the governor finally appeared ready to strike back at his biggest rival.

The Republican told reporters he vowed to begin responding to Mr. Trump’s attacks and warned the former president not to put “mission first.”

“He used to say how great Florida is,” DeSantis said. “Oh my God, his whole family immigrated to Florida while I was governor.”

From there, the two camps waged war on social media, punching and counter-punching over coronavirus policy, immigration and even the governor’s incumbency. mispronounce his last name.

DeSantis declined to comment when asked by a person. fox news reporter.

“No, that’s nonsense,” said Mr. DeSantis. “Listen, my surname is a winner.”

Trump also stopped by Hawkeye State this week. He predicted his victory in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, casting a shadow over DeSantis, who touted access to an eight-year term. Trump’s term was limited to just four years.

“We don’t need eight years,” Trump said during a speech at the West Side Conservative Breakfast in Urbandale. “We need six months.

DeSantis then fought back in New Hampshire, asking a reporter, “Why didn’t you?” [Trump] Do you do it in the first four years? ”

During his stay in Granite, Mr. DeSantis upended an outspoken Trump supporter in the state legislature.

Republican New Hampshire Rep. James Spillane said there were problems with trust in Trump after the former president took office blown up Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on social media.

“He has no loyalty,” Spillane said. “I cannot trust him to remain loyal to those who have supported him in the past.”

But the big picture shows that President Trump continues to dominate.early voting. He holds a double-digit lead in all three states the governor has visited. DeSantis’ supporters hope things will change, and recently told us they have no plans to stop it.

“We’ve already knocked on more than 40,000 doors in Iowa,” said Ken Cucinelli, founder of DeSantis’ Super PAC Never Back Down. “We have thousands in New Hampshire, and we are gearing up in South Carolina and Nevada, and that number will continue to grow. I’m going…”

At least two other Republicans were expected to take part in next week’s White House election. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Vice President Mike Pence are believed to jump off on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

As for Mr. DeSantis, he will likely return to his legislative duties next week and prepare for an out-of-state trip to early reserve states, including Nevada, on June 17. DeSantis escalates verbal war with Trump during campaign

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