Domaine Carneros Celebrates Sustainability on Earth Day 2023 – PowerFlex Microgrid Represents Next Generation of Solar Power

NAPA, Calif., April 14, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Winter rains in 2022 and 2023 have provided much-needed relief from the past five years of drought in California, so the 2023 ‘s Earth Day brought a vibrant green to the terrain and vineyards of Domaine Carneros. In 2023, a new solar microgrid and battery system will come online, providing the winery with over 75% of his energy self-sufficiency rate, which will mark a major step forward in the winery’s sustainability record. . Since its founding in 1987, Domaine Carneros has put sustainability efforts at the forefront of its day-to-day operations, consistently working to minimize its environmental impact as true stewards of its land.

Domaine Carneros’ intention is to create the finest wines and the most memorable sparkling wine experiences through healthy land, vines and people. For 36 years since its inception, Domaine Carneros has pushed the boundaries of sustainability, making sure the winery is as environmentally friendly as possible while producing excellent grapes and, of course, wine. In pursuit of the highest standards, Domaine Carneros has sought and obtained certifications from numerous prestigious sustainability organisations. Annual evaluations and audits look for new areas to improve our stringent standards of sustainability, not only for our wineries, but for our community and employer status.

The winery has implemented the following measures for continuous improvement:

Reuse and Recycle

* More than 90% of solid waste is diverted from landfills through composting, recycling and reuse.

* Water used in the production process is reused and used to irrigate the estate vineyards.

* 10 year package reuse program. 20-25% of cases and inserts are reused in-house.

Sustainability practice

* Solar energy is a key aspect of Domaine Carneros’ sustainability plan, which, when implemented in 2003, installed the largest solar harvesting system of any winery in the world. In 2023, Domaine Carneros will be one of Napa’s first wineries He Valais will install a solar microgrid and battery system that will power him 75% of the winery’s power, eventually in the event of a power outage. Allow the winery to stand on its own.

* The use of skylights in the winery, underground construction and the adoption of night cooling systems to maintain cellar temperatures all contribute not only to energy savings, but also to the active involvement of employees in day-to-day conservation activities. Contributing.

*The winery practices integrated pest management using natural control of vineyard pests such as boxes that attract owls that feed on voles, and cover crops that attract beneficial insects to control pests. .

* Harvested grape pomace is used as feed for local cattle in areas of California with historical ties to the dairy industry.

Commitment to Employees

* The winery has strong principles of diversity, fairness and inclusion, and its staff reflects that commitment.

* The winery practices open book management and encourages all employees to be part of the collective success.

* The winery develops and encourages staff mentorship and accepts cross-team professional development in the form of scholarships and fellowships.

The winery has received several prestigious awards from the State of California and other prestigious organizations. In April 2023, the winery received the RISE Leadership Award for its excellent waste prevention and greening of supply chain. In 2020, the winery is Napa Climate Now! Awarded as a Climate Champion in the business category. This winery won the 2019 California Green Medal Business Award. It was recognized for “demonstrating smart business through innovation through efficiency, cost savings, and the implementation of sustainable practices.” Only four wineries are awarded the medal each year, so this honor is very significant given the number of wineries in the state.

Domaine Carneros has been certified as a Bay Area Green Business since 2014, as a Fish Friendly Farming since 2015, as a Napa Greenland & Winery since 2014, and as a California Sustainable Wine Production since 2015.

Looking ahead, CEO Remi Cohen reiterated the foundations of the winery philosophy she drives. As we face new climate challenges, wineries will always aim to be leaders with small footprints and strong investments in the future of their team and industry. ”

About Domain Carneros:

Founded in 1987, Domaine Carneros reflects the character of its founder, Champagne Taittinger, to create a terroir-driven vision of sparkling wines, maintaining the quality principles of traditional methods of sparkling wine production. . Located entirely within the Carneros AVA between Napa and Sonoma counties, his six estate vineyards total about 400 acres, with 150 acres of Chardonnay and 250 acres of Pinot Noir. The winery is focused on producing ultra-premium Carneros sparkling wines, mostly plantation-grown, limited-volume Pinot Noir.

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