Driver shot at man scavenging trash & was arrested: OK cops

A man fired a shot at someone digging through his neighbor’s trash, police said. The bullet hit the man’s bicycle, and shrapnel struck the victim.

Tulsa Police Department

A man was digging through trash in an Oklahoma neighborhood when one of the neighbors drove up to him, authorities said.

The driver got into an argument with the man over why he was going through the trash, according to an Aug. 21 Facebook post from the Tulsa Police Department.

While they were arguing, the driver pulled out a gun and fired a shot at the man, police said. The bullet hit the victim’s bicycle, according to police, and the victim was struck by shrapnel.

Officers responded to the shooting at about 8:50 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 20.

The shooting victim, who is homeless, was treated on scene and released, police said.

Officers found the accused shooter’s car at a nearby home and arrested the man without incident, according to the news release. The man told police he fired the shot because the other man “was reaching for his waistband.”

The accused shooter was booked into jail on a charge of shooting with intent to kill, officials said.

In Tulsa, police said it is not illegal for someone to scavenge through trash left on the curb for removal.

Kaitlyn Alanis is a McClatchy National Real-Time Reporter based in Kansas. She is an agricultural communications & journalism alumna of Kansas State University. Driver shot at man scavenging trash & was arrested: OK cops

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