Florida Legislature Considers Six-Week Abortion Limit

Tallahassee, Florida – As the 2023 Congress begins on Tuesday, Republicans in the Senate and House have proposed measures to try to prevent abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

The bills (SB 300 and HB 7), introduced by Senators Elling Lahl (R-Vero Beach) and Rep. 15 weeks pregnant after passing the ban. The bill also makes abortion one of the most controversial issues in her 60 Days Congress.

In his opening remarks in the House of Representatives, Republican Palm Coast Speaker Paul Renner alluded to abortion but didn’t specifically mention the bill.

“Our ability to enjoy life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness began with life,” Renner said in a prepared remark. “We must defend the right to life for the thousands of boys and girls who deserve to experience life, find love and enrich the lives of others.”

But Orlando Democratic Rep. Anna Escamani released a statement condemning the proposed six-week limit.

“Florida Republicans have once again demonstrated a complete disregard for our state’s women and our collective freedoms,” Escamani said. “As we have already seen in other states. , the six-week ban is extreme and dangerous, forcing millions to seek care out of state and others to become pregnant. This 6-week ban may be tantamount to a complete ban, as you won’t even notice that you’re doing it.

In January, the Florida Supreme Court agreed to a constitutional challenge to seven abortion clinics and one doctor’s 15-week abortion limit. The key question then is whether this restriction violates the privacy clause of the Florida Constitution that has protected abortion rights in the state for more than 30 years.

Many of the bills are contingent on the Supreme Court effectively upholding the 15-week law. For example, the six-week limit was “withdrawn” from abortion case law, or by a Supreme Court decision to “hold that the right to privacy enshrined in the state constitution … does not include the right to abortion.” said to take effect. “

In addition to constitutional issues, the 15-week limit has drawn criticism because it does not include immunity for rape and incest victims.

The bill would allow abortion up to 15 weeks’ gestation in cases of rape and incest, but the woman would have to show evidence of being a victim.

“When a woman makes an abortion appointment or arrives for that appointment, she obtains a copy of a restraining order, police report, medical record, or other court order, or abortion. You must provide documentation proving that she was a victim of rape or incest,” the House bill states. “If the woman is a minor, doctors must report cases of rape or incest to the Central Abuse Hotline.”

The Senate version contains the same certification requirements, but with slightly different wording.

DeSantis called the exception “sensible and welcome pro-life law” at a press conference after the state’s speech.

Theresa Graham is president of a Jacksonville organization called North Florida Right to Life.

“The bill gives babies a voice. They have a right to be born,” she said.

Amber Gavin belongs to A Woman’s Choice Jacksonville. She shared her concerns about the bill.

“I think it’s a reminder that here in Florida, politicians aren’t concerned about health or life or pregnant people,” she said.

The Supreme Court is not expected to issue a ruling until the end of the legislative session on the 15-week abortion limit. Plaintiff said he filed his first brief in late February, and the state expects him to file its first brief in late March. After that, the plaintiff will file a so-called response summary within 30 days.

This meant that all three briefs would not be filed until late April, and the order indicated states could take an additional 30 days to file the “cross-reply” briefs. rice field. The Diet session is scheduled to end on May 5.

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