Former President Donald Trump arrived in New York City on Monday ahead of a historic arraignment

new york – Donald Trump’s plane landed in New York City on Monday in what is expected to be a historic arraignment for the former president.

Trump climbed out of his club Maralago in a red, white and blue Boeing 757, broadcast live on state television, past supporters waving banners and cheering for the former president. They accused the lawsuit against him of paying hush money during the 2016 campaign as politically motivated.

In New York, Mr. Trump built a national profile in business and entertainment, but became unpopular as he entered politics.

VIDEO | Eyewitness News reporter Derrick Waller reports on increased security ahead of Trump’s arrival:

His return to the city opens an unprecedented chapter in American history.Trump is the first ex-president to face criminal charges despite being in the midst of his third White House campaign, Major legal, political and cultural events collided in an unprecedented way.

The former president had planned to spend the night at Trump Tower and surrender to officials on Tuesday for an appointment and afternoon arraignment. We have not seen an influx of people into the city, as was the case in Washington in the days before the riots.

Still, officials warned that it is a crime to possess weapons in certain areas of the city, including near the courthouse.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said: “There may be agitators thinking about coming to our city tomorrow, but our message is clear and simple: Take control of yourself. “New York City is our home, not a playground for misplaced anger. We are America’s safest metropolis because we respect the rule of law in New York City.”

VIDEO | NJ Burkett was on scene at a Manhattan Criminal Court.

Trump Tower was open Monday, but officials planned to close nearby streets as Trump walked in and out, and additional security was also under construction. We have taken steps to close and secure the court floor where we plan to appear for arraignment.

Trump supporters, including one of his most staunch defenders in Congress, Republican Rep. Previously, a rally was planned in New York late Tuesday morning.

“There are no specific threats, but someone like Marjorie Taylor Green, who is known to spread misinformation and hate speech, says she’s coming to town,” Adams said. “Be on your best behavior while you’re in town.”

The former president and his aides have been eagerly embracing the expected media circus. , are focused on using what they call a weak case against Trump to his advantage.

More than 1,200 miles away in Florida, pro-Trump demonstrators began gathering before dawn at a West Palm Beach shopping center en route to the airport.

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Boca Raton firefighter Eric Sorensten and his retired colleague John Fischer set out early to install the banner. In one, he measures 30 by 6 feet (9 by 2 meters) and features police officers and firefighters saying “Thank you for your support, President Trump.”

“We’re the fire brigade. We’re ready and we don’t like to wait for something to happen,” said Sorensten, who took time off to show his support for Trump. “He needs morale just like everyone else needs morale. He has done more for this country than 10 presidents combined. “

Trump faces multiple charges of falsifying business records, including at least one felony count, in an indictment brought down by a Manhattan grand jury last week. We are scrutinizing the six-figure payout paid to Playboy model Karen McDougal.

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Both say they had sexual relations with the married Trump years before he entered politics. Trump has denied having had sexual relations with any women, denied any wrongdoing related to payments, and alleges the lawsuit against him was politically motivated. .

No ex-president has ever been indicted, and Trump’s aggressive presidential campaign in next year’s election will only add to his political stakes. Trump has spent the weekend playing golf and meeting with advisers, but says his campaign has raised more than $5 million since rumors of the indictment circulated. , was the subject “Tomorrow I will be arrested.”

Top Republicans, including some of Trump’s potential rivals in next year’s Republican presidential primary, have condemned the lawsuit against him.President Joe Biden and leading Democrats have said little about it. rice field.

Sorensten said it was wrong that Trump was indicted for crimes stemming from an alleged secret meeting with a porn star long before he was in office. He said investigators should instead look at Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings, and a committee in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives has already launched an investigation.

“To me, these acts are treason,” Sorensten said of Biden. “But it’s a walk.”


Weissert reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Jill Colvin, Bobby Kyna Calvin, and Julie Walker contributed to this report from New York. Former President Donald Trump arrived in New York City on Monday ahead of a historic arraignment

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