GOP’s Tim Scott says he supports 20-week federal abortion ban

Republican Senator Tim Scott South Carolina’s governor said Thursday he supports a federal ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and said he would sign such a bill if he became president.

“It makes perfect sense to me,” Scott told reporters in New Hampshire. Republican Party Officials and pastors a day after announcing the review committee for the 2024 presidential election.

Abortion has become an increasingly hot election issue following last year’s US Supreme Court decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion across the country. Republican candidates are under pressure from influential anti-abortion groups to support a nationwide ban. Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have tried to codify abortion rights.

Scott declined to say whether he believes medical abortion should remain legal following Wednesday’s ruling by a federal appeals court that has so far maintained access to the abortion drug mifepristone. However, it shortened the gestation period during which the drug could be used and could not be dispensed.By mail.of Department of Justice He said he would ask the Supreme Court for an emergency order withholding any action.

“The courts are trying to settle the matter,” Scott said of the medical abortion.

As a senator, he co-sponsored the anti-abortion bill and supported a 20-week ban with criminal penalties for abortion providers. Asked on Thursday if he would sign such a bill as president, he said he would support a 20-week ban, but he did not comment on specific penalties.

“We should always uphold a culture that preserves, appreciates and respects life,” he said. “How do you do that? I certainly don’t think the 20-week threshold is a problem at all.”

Scott argued that certain legal questions obscured what he characterized as the Democratic Party’s “radical position” on abortion.

“When you look at the issue of abortion, one of the challenges we have is keeping the most restrictive conversations going without broadening the scope.

Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, was in Iowa Wednesday for a meeting with an evangelical pastor and parents who are homeschooling their children. Both groups are part of an influential Christian conservative base in a Republican-led caucus state.

He also planned to meet with a pastor in New Hampshire. Still, Scott said he hopes his message will resonate.

“What we should all agree is that we should have faith beyond ourselves. Our trust in one another goes beyond ourselves. exceeded,” he said.

The Republican nominees for 2024 are former President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Others, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence, are considering launching campaigns in the coming months.

DeSantis will address about 500 Republicans at a GOP fundraising dinner in New Hampshire on Friday night.Scott had breakfast with state and local party officials on Thursday and mingle with customers at a popular restaurant manchester Diner.

Brendan Serucci finished an omelette with several minor league teammates of the Portland Sea Dogs, a baseball team in Maine.

“Well, it’s not fun, but you know, life always throws curveballs at you,” he said. GOP’s Tim Scott says he supports 20-week federal abortion ban

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