Immigrants traveling by bus from Texas to Los Angeles accuse mayor of ‘despicable behavior’

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A group of immigrants arriving by bus in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday were sent from Texas in what the city’s mayor called a “cowardly act” by the Republican governor.

Forty-two people, including children, were dropped off at Union Station around 4 p.m. and are being cared for by city officials and charities, according to Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin De Leon’s office.

“They left yesterday and it took them 23 hours on the bus and they didn’t get a chance to eat or drink water,” said Jorge Mario of the Humanitarian Union for Migrant Rights, speaking with several migrants. Cabrera said.

“They’re being fed. They’re sheltering. They’re talking to their lawyers,” he said. “They are immigrants who have been admitted by the United States because they have certain fears. They have not yet accepted asylum.”

Many were from Latin American countries, including Honduras and Venezuela, and one had an immigration reservation in New York.

Mayor Karen Bass said she had instructed city officials to prepare to accept immigrants from out of state after Republican governors began sending asylum seekers to Democratic states in recent months.

“We were not caught off guard by this, nor were we threatened,” Bass said in a statement. “Los Angeles is not a city motivated by hate or fear, and it will never be swayed or driven by petty politicians who play with lives.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said immigrants will be able to move to Los Angeles as California declares itself a “sanctuary” for immigrants, expands protections for illegal immigrants and allows them to apply for some state benefits. said it was sent to

“Our border regions are at the forefront of President Biden’s border crisis, and until President Biden does his job and protects our borders, Texas will continue this much-needed relief,” Abbott said in a statement. rice field.

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew a group of immigrants from the border state to Sacramento, Calif., at taxpayers’ expense. Last fall, Florida flew 49 Venezuelans to the upscale Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Los Angeles immigrants were supported at St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church near downtown.


Associated Press photographer Damian Dvarganes contributed to this article. Immigrants traveling by bus from Texas to Los Angeles accuse mayor of ‘despicable behavior’

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