Israeli president urges Netanyahu to stop changing law

Tel Aviv – Israeli Ceremonial President Monday urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately halt the controversial overhaul of the judicial system.

Isaac Herzog’s plea is a manifestation of spontaneous anger over Netanyahu’s decision to fire Defense Minister Netanyahu, who called for a moratorium on overhauls, as tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the country just hours later. It was

Herzog called on the government to set aside political considerations for the country.

“There is a deep sense of unease throughout the nation. Our security, our economy, our society, everything is under threat,” he said.

The reforms sparked one of Israel’s deepest internal crises and sparked widespread opposition from business leaders, legal officials and even the country’s military.

Unrest on the country’s streets after a tumultuous night of protests that saw tens of thousands of demonstrators light bonfires on a highway in Tel Aviv, blocking not only that highway but other highways across the country. Calmness returned.

Netanyahu’s dismissal of Defense Minister Yove Gallant appears to indicate that the prime minister and his allies will scramble for an overhaul plan this week. Gallant, the first senior member of the ruling Likud party to speak out, said deep divisions could weaken the military.

Netanyahu’s government appeared to be proceeding with a parliamentary vote, the centerpiece of an overhaul this week. increase.

Netanyahu and his allies say the plan will restore balance between the judicial and executive branches and curb what they see as interventionist courts with liberal sympathies.

But critics say the law would remove Israel’s system of checks and balances and centralize power in the hands of the governing coalition. They also say Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption, has a conflict of interest.

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