Justice Department announces no charges against Pence for handling classified documents

new york – The Department of Justice notified the former. Vice President Mike Pence ‘s attorneys have issued a statement that they will not be filing criminal charges related to the case. Secret documents found in Indiana home.

The department sent a letter to Mr. Pence’s attorney on Thursday, informing him that it will not pursue criminal charges after conducting an investigation into possible mishandling of classified information. A Justice Department official, obtained by The Associated Press, confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

The news came out a few days before Mr Pence. plans to launch his campaign He will go head-to-head with his former boss in the race for the Republican nomination in Iowa’s presidential election on Wednesday. Former President Donald Trump.

There has never been any evidence to suggest that Pence intentionally hid government documents or knew they were in his home, making it unlikely that he would face charges. Not expected at all. But still, the decision and timing were welcome news for the former vice president and his political team as they enter a crowded Republican primary and prepare to take on President Trump.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special prosecutor Judgment over the discovery of hundreds of classified documents in President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home just three days after former President Trump officially launched his 2024 campaign It was to oversee the ministry’s investigation, recognizing the high political stakes. Special Advisor is also set up To investigate classified vice president documents found at the home of President Joe Biden in Delaware and in his unsecured office in Washington.

About 12 documents marked confidential It was found in Mr Pence’s home in January. After Biden’s revelation, he asked his lawyers to search the vice president’s belongings “with extreme caution.” Pence’s attorney, Greg Jacob, said in a letter to the National Archives that the items were “mistakenly boxed and transported” to Pence’s home near the end of the previous administration.

The FBI then found additional documents It was marked confidential in an Indiana raid the following month.

Mr Pence has repeatedly said he was unaware of the document’s existence. “There was a mistake ” in handling confidential material.

In addition to Pence, two Justice Department special counsel continue to investigate the handling of classified documents by Trump and Biden.

The status of the Biden dossier investigation is unclear, but the Trump investigation appears to be coming to an end. Prosecutors appear to be nearing a decision on whether to file criminal charges against the former president or others.

A team led by Special Counsel Jack Smith has presented a wide range of witnesses to a federal grand jury investigating Mr Trump, including former aides and aides of Mr Trump. The investigation will focus not only on whether Trump illegally possessed nearly 300 documents marked as classified, but also whether he obstructed government efforts to secure the return of those documents. It’s becoming

The Biden-Pence issue has always been de facto and legally distinct from the Trump investigation. Because in both cases, aides actively disclosed the discovery of classified documents to the Justice Department to expedite their return.

President Trump has resisted months of calls to return classified documents he took from the White House after his term ended to his Florida mansion. Despite the subpoenas and visits by investigators, suspicions arose that more classified documents were still on the premises. Recovered approximately 100 additional documents marked as classified, including level ones.

Trump claims he did nothing wrong.

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