Latest: Coronation of Charles III

London – Updates on the Coronation of Charles III:

LONDON — The anti-monarchist group Republic says several of its members have been arrested for preparing to protest the coronation of King Charles III.

The group will hold placards during the monarch’s procession to Westminster Abbey, chanting “Not my King”. Police said they were informed of the plan in advance.

However, on Saturday morning, some members of the group were stopped near Trafalgar Square and led into a police van.

Others protested along the route, dressed in yellow and waving placards with slogans such as “Parasite King” and “Abolish the Monarchy.”

Police say they have “low tolerance” for people who try to disrupt daily life, prompting criticism that they are cracking down on free speech.


Details of the Coronation of Charles III:

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LONDON — Crowds are growing outside Buckingham Palace as guests arrive at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Charles III.

Those who camped overnight to watch the royals awoke to find the overcast skies giving way to sun and light rain.

A few hours before Queen Charles and Camilla departed the palace in a golden carriage, flag-bearing fans in the colors of the Union Jack arrived by train in London.

The royal couple will be chauffeured along the 1.3-mile (2 km) route through central London to Westminster Abbey for the two-hour ceremony.

The church buzzed with excitement and was filled with fragrant flowers and colorful hats. Guests, including famous celebrities such as Judi Dench, Emma Thompson, Lionel Richie and Nick Cave, were invited to the Abbey to see judges in wigs, soldiers in red tunics with shining medallions, and red robes. A member of the House of Peers.

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