Nassau County Sheriff’s Office arrests 11-year-old who threatened school shooting

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – An 11-year-old boy in Nassau County was arrested after he was accused of threatening a shooting at a school, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO).

According to NCSO, on Aug. 5, deputies received a call stating a boy was sending a child “threatening messages from a group chat on the app Snapchat.” The suspect apparently called the victim a ‘’b***h’’ and stated ‘’you can’t hide from me’’ and also sent a picture of himself holding two handguns believed to be a revolver and a 9mm pistol, a release stated.

Deputies then went to the boy’s home for questioning.

“Screenshots of the messages and the photos of the messages were taken to Evidence at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office,” the release stated. “The responding Deputy forwarded the case to State’s Attorney’s Office to pursue possible charges for Harassing/Cyberstalking Another.”

Then, on Aug. 11, NCSO received a call in reference to a possible threat of a school shooting at Callahan Middle School. The complainant saw a message thread on Facebook in reference to a possible school shooting.

A post was found that stated, “If you go to Callahan Middle do not go to school Monday.”

According to the release, an investigation into the incident determined the suspect was ranting on a social media platform video chat about his girlfriend leaving him and began to flash two pistols at the camera, according to witnesses. A student told NCSO investigators the suspect stated, “I will f***ing go to the school and shoot a particular individual and everyone else” and “he wanted nobody to snitch or they’re next.”

The suspect was arrested for making written threats to kill, and he was transported to the Nassau County Jail.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone if they see something to say something.

…parents need to have “the talk” with your kids. The talk I’m referring to is making threats to others in school. The excuse that “I was just joking”, “I was only kidding”, “I wasn’t really serious,” “I was just trying to scare or intimidate someone,” doesn’t cut it.

You make a threat whether you are serious or not and we will slap handcuffs on you and lock you up. It isn’t a game that we play. So, this is your warning. We want our schools to be a place where students can learn and teachers can teach in a safe environment. Anyone who threatens that environment will be removed and dealt with accordingly.

Parents need to be all up in their child’s business. If they have access to the internet you need to control what they are doing and who they are talking to. If you don’t have their phone or computer pins and passwords and you aren’t checking up on them, then you are making a big mistake. Bullying and harassment can be done in person or on-line.

There are Apps parents can get to control their child’s access, as well as keep track of what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper

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